In an interview with Daily Wire, the CEO of the satirical conservative website - Babylon Bee, spoke about the daily challenges his company faces, the fight against left-wing censorship, the general role of satire in the lives of ordinary people, and how Babylon Bee is coping with incredible growth and success!

Babylon Bee is a kind of avant-garde in the world of comedy and satire, both because of the quality of comedy and the content they produce, as well as their clear distance from the establishment that determines what’s funny, and more importantly - what’s in line with political ideas of the “woke movement”.

Seth Dillon, the current CEO who bought Babylon Bee from its founder Adam Ford, has answered many questions that interest Babylon Bee fans, but also those who are yet to join the likes of Elon Musk, who tweeted how “Babylon Bee is savage!’ and that people should move from ‘Onion’ to ‘Babylon Bee’.

Satire is a powerful tool

In the interview, Dillon, in his own peculiar and humorous way, explains that his original intention was not to buy Babylon Bee as his primary project that would take up most of his time.

However, as time went on, things changed, and Dillion spent more time on Babylon Bee, which ‘blown up’ under his leadership.

In his explanation of why comedy and satire are important, Dillion says we are surrounded by bad ideas that need to be ridiculed, and that is exactly what satire is used for.

Dillion states that the irony, the ‘gun’ in the hands of satire, is a powerful tool that exposes the hypocrisy and double standards, the roots of bad ideas, but does not want to overestimate the impact that Babylon Bee has on lives, although he is aware that their role is very important in the ‘culture wars’ that have been happening lately.

Leftist comedy ‘monopoly’ and the breakthrough

Bee has often been described as a conservative version of ‘The Onion’, another satirical website, which Dillion says is very similar in terms of sarcasm and irony, except that they are distinguished by different angles of view on the issues.

Dillion claims that Bee, as a conservative satirical website, is quite lonely in the race with the leftist machinery that has a monopoly over the entertainment industry and that the cause simply might be the poor and cheesy content coming from the conservative side of the spectrum.

Additionally, the fact that leftists control social media like Twitter and Facebook is definitely not in Bee’s favor, but Dillion believes that the conservative part of society should not hide in irrelevant parts of the Internet, probably referring to certain social networks and channels, but should boldly show their presence regardless of the political affiliation of Big Tech companies.

Allegations of fake satire and far-right content

On allegations by CNN personalities, Brian Stelter and Donie O’Sullivan, Dillion says the ultimate goal is to remove satire from the equation so that social media rules and policies would ban the content published on Babylon Bee.

Cancel culture, as always.

But it wasn’t just CNN that jumped on the train to stop Babylon Bee.

NYT tech journalist Mike Isaac, in an attempt to portray Facebook as a platform that has trouble filtering far-right extremist content, called out Babylon Bee, stressing that such websites, under the guise of satire, manage to maintain their presence on social media.

Dillion explains how the journalist in question mentioned the case of a left-wing satirist, who often gets ‘caught up in this stuff’, avoiding mentioning that the same thing happens to Babylon Bee.

Also, Dillion said he and his team are still considering whether to take legal action against the author of the article.

A joint attempt to silence Babylon Bee

Babylon Bee is, and will be, discredited in every possible way by the media, and as it grows, greater challenges await them (and it probably will get to the top-level politics).

Dillion mentions the fact that if the New York Times decides to discredit the Wikipedia page about Babylon Bee, they can do so because they are considered a relevant source, while sites like ConservativeSociety, Daily Wire, and National Review don’t have that power.

Therefore, it is important that sites like Babylon Bee stay alive, because one-mindedness leads to totalitarianism, and once you have one foot in such a system, comedy and satire are the first to die.