To anyone whose mind is open and truly hungry for knowledge, education is a lifelong process that never ends. No matter how much you may happen to know, there is always more out there to learn. Anyone who convinces himself that he’s learned all he needs to know after graduating from school is really setting himself up to miss out on a lot.

In celebration of the never-ending richness of education, Reddit has set up a subreddit called “Today I Learned,” where members share cool things they’ve learned or discovered recently. The community currently boasts about 25.2 million members and has existed now for more than 12 years.

Here are some cool things we’ve pulled off this subreddit that you didn’t learn in school.

Danny DeVito Is More Awesome Than We Realized

Everyone loves Danny DeVito. The man’s charisma and humor are legendary. But it appears that he’s even cooler than we all realized.

Did you know that in his voiceover role as the titular character in the animated film “The Lorax,” DeVito also did the dubs for his character in Spanish, Catalan, German, Russian and Italian? That’s pretty cool on its own, but what really takes things up into the stratosphere is the fact that DeVito doesn’t actually speak any of those languages.

“I am Not a Kidnapper”

Richard Nixon famously told the world that he wasn’t a crook, but could Walt Disney have been a kidnapper? Nixon himself didn’t seem to think so, but technically, Disney might well have been.

One day, after inviting Nixon to sit with him on his special monorail train, Disney accidentally sent the train rolling before the Secret Service Agents accompanying Nixon could get on. They ran after the train but to no avail. Technically, this counts as kidnapping the president. Nixon himself, however, thought the whole ordeal was hilarious.

Borderline Street

Did you know that the US-Canada border actually cuts through a street? The street is aptly named Canusa Street. Those whose houses are on the south side are considered to live in America, and those whose houses are on the north side are Canadians. The yellow line that splits the street in half demarcates the national border.

What’s Up, Doc?

Mel Blanc, the iconic voice of Bugs Bunny and an almost unbelievable amount of other animated characters, started smoking when he was only nine years old. Despite this, he lived to be 81 years old. Not only that, but he fell into a two-week coma after surviving a car accident and also once recorded The Flintstones while wearing a full-body cast.

The British Bulldog

Winston Churchill has been called the Man of the Century for very good reason. He was a man of iron will and determination, and without him, Europe may have fallen to Nazi domination. He was so tough, in fact, that his funeral plans had to be revised several times.