We’re all aware of the many cases of horrible, abusive, arrogant and narcissistic bosses out there. However, there’s another side to the employer-employee dynamic.

Anyone who has ever owned a company or run a business knows that sometimes, the people you hire aren’t who you thought they were. Frankly, some people can lie on their resumes or put on deceptive faces during job interviews, meaning that their true characters won’t be revealed until later. Some workers are lazy, incompetent, underqualified, contribute to a toxic work environment or do any number of other things that require responsible business owners to let them go.

Curious about to hear some wild stories from the other side of the employer-employee relationship, Reddit user GravyxNips started a thread in which he asked to hear some of the craziest reasons why bosses had to fire their workers.

Thus far, he has revived over 9,000 responses.

Here are a few of the craziest selections from the thread.

Wild Man at Work

One boss told the story of an exceptionally violent and unstable employee who gave both him and others at the office severe headaches. In fact, in the space of just 24 hours, this employee did all of the following: started a fistfight with another worker, called the police, blamed the other man for starting the fight, trespassed onto company property, hurt himself in an accident and lied to his doctor that he’d been attacked at work.

He was caught on camera both when he started the fistfight and when he trespassed.

That particular business is lucky to have gotten rid of such a lunatic.

Drunk With Idiocy

A bar and restaurant owner told the hilarious story of one many who worked for him that waited until the last minute before his shift to call in sick. This was bad enough, as it forced the restaurant and bar to make uncomfortable adjustments. But then, the very same man showed up drunk during happy hour and tried to get even more plastered at a time when he should have been working.

This guy was simply not reliable, and so, he was fired.


You should obviously never steal from your employer. That’s horrible and immoral. But what’s even more shocking is that some people who have decided to that haven’t even put enough thought into the matter to be clever about it and cover their tracks.

One employee working at a store — during his very first shift while he was alone at the cash register — stole $100, was immediately caught and deservedly fired.

Would-Be Scalpel Murder

One employee at an emergency room told the story of a psychotic nurse who one day thought it was a good idea to run down a hall, chasing after another nurse while brandishing a scalpel and screaming, “I’m going to cut you, bitch!”

The crazy nurse was instantly 86ed.