From time to time, the extraordinary finds a way to intrude upon the ordinary. Sometimes we see things that are weird, cool, unbelievable or just plain head-scratchingly bizarre.

And sometimes, the things we bump into can be so bizarre that we just have to pull out our phones and take a photo of them. After all, if we can’t explain it, maybe someone else who sees it will be able to. And even if no one can, some things are strange, ridiculous or puzzling enough to just be worth sharing in and of themselves.

Here are a few people who caught some pictures of some very odd things indeed. As you have a look, maybe you can explain what the hell is going on. And if not, have fun puzzling over these things anyway.

Just be warned: Some of them, once seen, just can’t be unseen.

1. Strawato


Because the internet has everything, someone there decided to answer a question probably no one had even thought to ask: What happens when you combine a strawberry and a tomato?

The result, apparently, is whatever this thing is in this picture.

The picture’s caption informs us that the photographer’s aunt was growing tomatoes in her garden when somehow one of them somehow found a way to grow what looks like strawberries inside of itself.

How this happened is anyone’s guess.

2. Animal Farm


Hunger is a powerful motivator — so powerful, in fact, that it apparently transcends species.

This picture proves that in an adorably odd way. It shows a cat, a dog and two chickens — animals that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to have friendly relations with one another — grouped together by a kitchen window, excitedly peering in to see what’s for dinner.

3. These Aren’t the Newlyweds You’re Looking For


Weddings are among the most pivotal and important events in a person’s life. When you marry, you’re supposed to give your life, affection and very self to another person. And in such a circumstance, it’s not surprising if the newlyweds decide to have their special day be a reflection of their personalities. In that way, they can symbolize both themselves and their love for each other.

One Scottish couple decided to take that principle to a quirky but hilarious extreme. In addition to both being proud Scots, these newlyweds were also massive Star Wars fans. But how to show that to the world? Easy! Just have some Stormtroopers show up to your wedding in kilts.

4. Happy Feet at Rush Hour


Imagine being loaded into a crowded train with a horde of people dressed as penguins. No, seriously. Imagine it. That’s what appears to have happened at one train station, as this bizarre photo shows.

Who were these people? Why were they all dressed this way? Where were they going?

Who knows? It’s all hilarious anyway.