TikTok has quickly surged ahead to becoming one of the most popular social media platforms on earth, particularly with the members of Generation Z.

The platform allows users to upload short videos which can be either funny, ironic, thoughtful, zany or whatever else creators want them to be. And while that format remains standard, TikTok, like any other successful service, has had to evolve with the times and expand its repertoire of features.

One of these newly added features are called stitches. Since stitches are swiftly becoming all the rage, we’ll briefly explain here what they are, how you can watch them and how you can create them yourself.

All About Stitches

Memes are an integral part of internet culture, and self-reference is a big part of what makes both memes and the cultural understanding that surrounds them into what they are. Many memes achieve their effect by making reference to other memes, to themselves, to the very concept of memes itself or to virtually any other imaginable piece of culture.

Pastiche and recombination are the tools that enable all of this magic to happen. And in its essence, stitches are simply a way to more easily bring pastiche to TikTok.

Stitches, as their name implies, give TikTok users a way to stitch parts of other TikTok videos to their own videos.

Through stitches, users can more easily collaborate with other users, react to other videos, answer questions that they receive from other users, make commentaries and meta-commentaries on other things or do just about anything else for which remixing and recombination might be useful.

Watching stitches on the platform is also very easy. To find stitches made by any given user, simply go to “Discover,” go over to the search bar and type in “#[email protected]”, where “username” can be the username of any creator you like. That search will turn up any popular stitches that were either made by the user in question or were made in response to the user in question.

If you’d like to make a stitch yourself, find a video that you’d like to stitch, hit “Send to,” then hit “Stitch” and choose up to a five-second clip from the video that you’d like to stitch into your own video. Then, simply record your own video and add the two things together into one larger whole.

Bear in mind, though, that you’ll only be able to stitch the videos of other users who have enabled the stitch feature on their own videos.