We sometimes think of education as a formal process that’s capped off when a person officially receives a degree from some accredited institution, but the truth is that education is an ongoing and lifelong process that never truly ends.

However much you know, there is always more to learn. Truly curious people with an insatiable hunger for knowledge already know this. In celebration of this great truth, a subreddit called “Today I Learned” was created.

Every day, more and more people post fascinating facts, interesting tidbits, or arcane and useful bits of knowledge there. Over time, “Today I Learned” has truly become something like an encyclopedia, a veritable cornucopia of knowledge that just keeps on giving.

Here are a few interesting facts we’ve uncovered on “Today I Learned” that might inspire you to continue the search for knowledge throughout your entire life.

1. Rocket Girl


Judith Love Cohen was an engineer who assisted in creating the Abort-Guidance System, which was a backup system that helped the astronauts on the Apollo 13 mission return back home after an oxygen tank exploded and crippled their Service Module. Apollo 13 was the third mission to the Moon and took place in 1970.

This fact alone is enough to make Cohen into a hero, but did you know that she also went to work on the day that she went into labor. Not only that, but she took a printout of the problem she happened to have been working on with her that day to the hospital. She solved the problem, gave birth, and called her boss from the hospital to inform him that she had finished her work.

By the way, her son is actor and comedian Jack Black.

2. Symbiosis


Symbiotic relationships of all kinds exist between organisms in nature, but did you know that ravens and wolves have a particularly interesting arrangement together for how they deal with prey?

Ravens have often been observed calling wolves to the site of dead animals. Since ravens can’t use their beaks to open up the carcasses, the wolves do that for them. After wolves are done feasting, ravens swoop in and pick off the leftovers.

3. High-Grade Cybersecurity


In 1999, a group of hackers found a hilarious and embarrassing error in Hotmail’s servers. They discovered that, if they simply entered “eh” as a password, they would be given universal access to any Hotmail account they wanted. Thankfully, Microsoft fixed the error within two hours.

4. The Song Remains the Same


To come full circle, when Jack Black was making the movie “School of Rock,” he desperately wanted to use a Led Zeppelin song in the film. Unfortunately, the band is known for being extremely wary of letting movies use their music.

The director suggested that Black personally record a plea in front of 1,000 extras and send it to the band. Amazingly, it worked.