Although Ashton Kutcher is now a famous actor, having made a name for himself starring in movies like “The Butterfly Effect” and shows like “That ’70s Show,” he came from humble beginnings.

Most importantly, he hasn’t forgotten his roots.

That’s why he decided to return to the place where he grew up and surprise his mother, Diane, with an unforgettable present that left her speechless and crying tears of joy.

Renovating His Childhood Home

Ashton Kutcher is a multitalented man. He’s not only an actor, but he has done work in all sorts of unrelated areas, including starting and running restaurants, opening startups and dabbling in human-rights-based philanthropy. He also has experience building houses.

Indeed, that experience goes all the way back to when he was only 13 years old. Back then, Kutcher and his stepfather Mark built his childhood home with their bare hands — all from the ground up. The home was located, appropriately enough, in a town called Homestead, Iowa.

But 23 years after building this house, it grew old and reached a state where it could really use some work. And so, Kutcher decided to team up with a housing design company called Houzz to completely redesign and remodel his mom’s house.

First, there was the basement. When Kutcher was a kid, it was a great place for him and his siblings to play. But now that there were no more kids in the house, the basement had degenerated from a giant playroom to a dark and windowless bedroom cluttered with toys, exercise equipment, a piano and all kinds of other knick-knacks.

That just wasn’t right for his mom, so Kutcher decided to turn it into a beautiful living room that rejected her personality and her desires.

Even more impressively, Kutcher did all of this without even telling his mom! How in the world did he pull that off?

To do this, he enlisted the help of his stepdad, Mark, and had him meet with an interior designer named Catherine Thomas to discuss their plans. Mark, a huge John Wayne buff, had tons of the Duke’s memorabilia stored in the basement, along with seven recliners. Although Mark wouldn’t give that stuff up easily, everyone eventually reached a mutually agreeable settlement.

Kutcher also planned to turn the house’s wine cellar into a canning cellar where his mom could store her canned salsa.

And since Kutcher and his wife had recently welcomed a new baby girl, Wyatt, into the world, he had the perfect way to get his mom out of the house while he, Mark and their designers worked.

He asked Diane to stay with his wife in L.A. for a bit to help out with the baby. Meanwhile, Kutcher and his team essentially tore down his old house and rebuilt it from scratch in order to realize his vision.

When the day finally came to walk Diane back into her house in Iowa and show her what Aston and his team at Houzz had done, she began sobbing with uncontrollable joy.

What an absolutely beautiful gift!