TikTok has fast grown into an enormously potent force for spitting out viral memes.

The short 15-second video format on the app is virtually ideal for getting information out there in bite-sized chunks, so TikTok is perhaps the best meme distributor anywhere on the internet right now.

However, sometimes, memes and viral trends seem to emerge on TikTok for no discernible reason at all. Sometimes, they just happen, and if you happen to show up late to the party or don’t get any of the references layered in the memes — many of which tend to be laced with multiple levels of irony — you could easily find yourself scratching your head and not understanding what’s going on.

The Candice memes that have been blowing up recently are an excellent example of this. A woman named Candice has become the centerpiece of a long series of layered jokes that not everyone understands.

So what is this all about? How did this trend start, and what does it mean?

The Candice Meme Explained

The meme basically works like this: Some users on TikTok will ask some other person a question or make a statement about Candice. The other person then replies by asking who Candice is.

Generally, the video tends to end right there and leaves the viewer hanging.

As with much of the content on TikTok, the key to understanding the Candice meme is to see that it’s not exactly meant to be understood. It’s about reveling in absurdism for the mere sake of absurdism.

As it turns out, there is no person named Candice.

In the beginning, the meme started out in the way described above, but with an added punchline. The user originally talking or asking about Candice would reply by saying, “Candice dick fit in your mouth?” It’s sort of like what a “deez nuts” joke was for an earlier generation.

But eventually, the meme dropped the punchline and became totally self-referential and purposely absurd. It began to revel in its own inherent meaninglessness and self-referential quality. And the fact that the meme was nothing but a long string of references eventually became precisely what was so funny to many of the people participating in the trend.

As things snowballed even further people began saying things like, “Candice died today” as a way of inducing people to ask who Candice is.

All in all, the Candice meme is just a harmless, if not particularly creative, way for young people to have some fun while playing with puns.