It’s inevitable for there to be some clashes and friction between people hailing from different generations. People growing up at different times are bound to have had different experiences, and those experiences are bound to give them different views of the world.

The “OK, Boomer!” meme is an expression of younger generations’ frustration with the Baby Boomers — those generally said to have been born between approximately 1945 and 1964.

Boomers being what they are, there are plenty of things that they think are amazing or cool but which other generations — particularly Millennials and Zoomers — find lame.

Here are a few things which Boomers think are all that, but that leave other generations scratching their heads and thinking, “Why?”

1. Golf

So many Boomers — particularly the wealthier ones — are seemingly obsessed with golf. They appear to play it all the time when they aren’t busy, using it to socialize and discuss it ad nauseam.

Ironically, the best take on golf might come from comedy legend George Carlin — who, funnily enough, hailed from a generation even older than the Boomers. He poked fun at the fact that golf is played on massive courses that go on for hundreds of yards, while the ball being played with is minuscule.

He called it an “arrogant sport,” and younger generations — who experienced much more economic hardship in their youth than the Boomers did and who find golf’s air of opulence grating — tend to agree. Besides, there are much healthier and more responsible ways to engage in outdoor activity.

2. News in the Background

Walk into a home dominated by Boomers, and you’re almost certain to find a TV on somewhere in the background. Usually, the news is on. The news serves as little more than ambient background noise.

To younger generations who grew up with the internet, this is totally bizarre. If some story is of interest to you, you can go on the internet and read about it. Leaving the news on means you have to endure discussions of things that you may not care about. Not only that, but the news tends to repeat the same stories throughout the day.

3. Jorts

Younger people could have a field day complaining about and poking fun at Boomers’ fashion choices. There are many things that could be selected to highlight this, but maybe jorts are the most egregious example of all. What screams “‘90s dad!” louder than a pair of baggy, flat-looking, knee-length jorts?

4. Tacky Signs

Have you ever seen those “Live, Laugh, Love” signs hanging around? They’re one of the cardinal signs that there are Boomers around. To Boomers, these signs point back to their youth when they were hippies dropping acid. They reflect the airy-fairy spirituality and focus on self-esteem of the 1960s. But to subsequent generations, whose lives have made them more guarded and cynical, these displays just look narcissistic and kitschy.