Work can often be difficult, draining, taxing, and demanding. Certain people at work can be hard to deal with, and certain tasks may ask quite a lot of us.

Still, most people have the decency to grit their teeth and work through the hardship. They have the sense to understand that people depend on them and that most jobs are cooperative endeavors in which many other people depend on each other to do the best work that they can.

Still, some people just don’t play by these rules. Whether it’s laziness, narcissism, or whatever else that can make people caustic, incompetent, and unlikable, some people tax their colleagues to the breaking point every day at work.

And sometimes, bosses and managers can try to be understanding and indulgent of these people — but only up to a point. At some point, the worst of the worst find a way to cross the line and get themselves unceremoniously 86ed.

Here are four stories from Reddit of employees who were so bad that they got fired on the spot.

1. Me, Me, Me

Work at most companies is deeply cooperative. To do their jobs well, most employees need to learn to put their egos aside, accept their roles where they work, and cooperate with others.

This isn’t to say that a bit of me-time isn’t warranted now and then, but it’s important to put a bridle on selfishness.

One guy working at a fast food joint did not seem to understand the concept of this. On a day when he was supposed to be at work, this guy waltzes into his place of employment and orders food from his own manager.

Needless to say, this person no longer works there.

2. TMI

It’s important for your co-workers to get to know you. After all, you’re likely going to be spending a lot of time with those people. But there is such a thing as discretion. Some details are just not appropriate to reveal about yourself.

One person apparently didn’t realize that. One Redditor told the story of a man who, on his first day on the job, sent out an introductory email about himself to other employees and revealed sexually explicit information about himself. He was swiftly fired.

3. Lying to Save Face

One particularly embarrassing story was about a girl who somehow managed to charm a manager into hiring her, even though she was clearly unfit for her job. Soon enough, everyone knew this, including the girl herself.

But to try to squirm out of lies that she must have told during her interview, she began telling even more. On her third day at work, she insisted that she couldn’t come to work because her mother had been in a car accident.

The problem? This happened in a small town, and the lie was easy to spot.

  1. A Pile of Horse Manure

One man who worked in the horse stables for Medieval Times, a medieval-themed theme park, was apparently so fed up with his job that he decided to defecate in the horse stables. It’s hard to think of any explanation for why anyone would do this other than that they hate their job.

Well, this employee soon apparently got his wish and was fired.