Celebrities have gargantuan social media followings. Every day, they are bombarded with messages and with people seeking to get their attention.

Normally, you’d think that most such people get ignored and that few, if any, of those trying to contact celebrities on social media actually receive a response. After all, when they have so many followers, responding to any particular ordinary person is like picking a needle out of a haystack.

And yet, some people do get a response — and not always a good one.

In this vein, Reddit user hugocaldera6 started up an interesting discussion recently when he opened up a Reddit thread by asking, “Which celebrity has blocked you on social media and why?”

Some of the results were surprising and amusing. A few people were even blocked by major retail brands. It seems that many celebrities just can’t handle snark.

Here are four stories of celebrities and major brands organizations people on social media platforms.

1. Joel Osteen


Megapreacher Joel Osteen regularly fills up enormous venues which teem with people eager to feel him speak. Some regard him as quite charismatic. And yet, many others, including a few Christians, find something hollow about his preaching and his oratory. To critics, he brings to mind some of the most unsavory aspects of 1980s-era televangelists.

One such critic decided to head to Osteen’s Facebook and tell him, in a tongue-in-cheek way, that he thought Osteen was the best standup comedian of our generation.

Osteen — or, more likely, the administrator running his Facebook account — summarily blocked him.



PETA, or People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is a polarizing organization, to say the least. While some regard them as heroes who take a stand for mistreated animals around the world, others see them as politically motivated lunatics and as hucksters and hypocrites to boot.

That, apparently, was the view of one person who took to social media to ask PETA why it euthanizes healthy animals. As you can imagine, this person was instantly blocked.

3. Dane Cook


Comedian and actor Dane Cook made a name for himself with his aggressive and raucous style of comedy. Unfortunately, his acting career hasn’t been anywhere close to as successful. One person decided to reply to a complaint Cook made one day on social media. “Sometimes, no matter what you do, you can’t win,” Cook complained. And the user replied, “Did you make another movie?”

Another user told the story of how he was blocked because he annoyed Cook by using his name in a snarky way as a synonym for anything bad. “This is really the Dane Cook of days,” he would say.

4. Ford


One user decided to seriously annoy the car manufacturer Ford. As annoying as he was, what he did was still somewhat humorous.

He asked the company to bring the Crown Victoria back constantly.