Cathy Pedrayes is a former scientist and a lifestyle expert who is known on TikTok as “Mom Friend.” She has amassed a whopping 1.6 million followers on TikTok after first appearing on the platform, and, just as impressively, can boast having 74.9 million likes on there as well.

She has achieved this online fame by creating short, easily digestible videos that provide people with all sorts of useful advice — especially health and safety advice — applicable to a variety of different life situations.

Recently, Pedrayes has put together a series of videos in which she outlines situations where it might be best for people to lie for their own safety. The videos have attracted quite a bit of attention and some controversy.

Here are a few of the tips taken from this new series.

1. How to Get Out of Unwanted Conversations


Unwanted attention from people we’d rather not talk to isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world, but it can be annoying. That’s why Pedrayes has provided some smooth tips on how to cleanly lie your way out of these interactions.

She suggests things like always wearing headphones or earbuds when you’re out walking somewhere — even if you aren’t listening to anything. That way, when someone comes up to bug you, you can pretend not to hear them and just go on your merry way. You can also do things like putting on sunglasses or checking your watch or phone while deflecting unwanted questions. This makes you look busy and gives people the message that you want to be left alone.

2. Avoiding Street Harassment


According to a massive survey conducted on 2,000 people accrues the United States, 20% of women say that they’ve been touched by strangers on the street despite the fact that they did not want them to do so. Twenty-three percent of woman say they have been followed by strangers.

And it isn’t just women who experience this. According to the same poll, about a quarter of men say that they too have been harassed on the street.

So, what can you do about this? Notice some creep following you? Pretend to know someone on the street nearby. If the creep thinks you’re around friends, he won’t be as bold. If push comes to shove, you can always pretend to be a foreigner who doesn’t speak the language whenever someone tries bothering you, lie that you’re waiting to meet a friend or just act plain crazy to scare them away.

3. Dealing With Creepy Drivers


Sometimes, when you need a ride, you’ll have the misfortune of running into a weird Uber or cab driver. Women will find the following tip especially useful: If the driver starts being unsolicitedly flirtatious, pretend your dad just called you and “talk” on the phone with him.

You can also give Uber an address that isn’t your own but is of a nearby house if you’re afraid of getting unwanted visitors. Always say that you’re staying with friends or family whenever you’re asked — whether or not this is actually true.