Many fliers, whether frequent or merely occasional, surely have all sorts of pet peeves that they encounter during or during the lead to their flights. Whether it’s the small and cramped seats in economy class, the fact that we could get a window seat, the annoying seatmate who just won’t shut up, or even the captain’s banter, everyone can find something to be annoyed at here and there.

But what not nearly as many people can appreciate is that there is a whole other side to this equation.

On any plane you board, there is staff dedicated to ensuring that your flight is as safe, comfortable, and efficient and possible. And sometimes, there are customers who go out of their way to make that job difficult. Just as you might find some things about flying annoying, flight attendants and pilots have their own respective pet peeves about customers.

A Reddit thread was recently assembled to let pilots and flight attendants blow off some steam and answer the question, “What are some things passengers do that get on your nerves?”

Here are some of the responses.

1. Late Customers

“The customer is always right” is a phrase you often hear. And sometimes, for the sake of the survival of any business, including airlines, it can be best to behave as if that’s true. But sometimes, it just isn’t.

When a would-be flyer shows up late and tries bringing some prohibited item on board or generally does something that is against the airline’s policy, his first instinct is to blame the airline staff, even when it’s not readable to do so.

One man told a story about something his wife, who works at an airline ticket desk, experienced. One flyer, a college athlete, showed up two hours late for her flight. Informed that she could not board her plane, she went ballistic and started cursing at airline staff, even though what happened was totally her own fault.

Folks, show up on time for your flights.

2. Touchy, Feely, Grabby

If you need help from a flight attendant, just ask for it calmly. Flight attendants regularly walk down the fall of the plane as it’s in flight. If you call out or wave to them, they can see you, and they can hear you.

Some people, unfortunately, don’t understand this. They feel the need to assert themselves by poking at or even grabbing at flight attendants to get their attention. This is extremely annoying and rude, as one flight attendant on the thread explained.

Help will come if you ask for it. Just be patient. You aren’t the center of the universe.

3. Bad Weather Rage

Extreme weather events sometimes happen. Your pilot, however great his abilities, is not Thor or Zeus. He cannot control storms. And when storms happen, flights sometimes need to be delayed for the safety of all involved.

One pilot shared a story of a customer who screamed at him because a series of extreme thunderstorms once shut down flights across the entire northeast. People, be reasonable. Things like that may be annoying, but they are not your pilot’s fault.