A new report by Edward-Isaac Dovere of The Atlantic has revealed the real reason – and a quite incredible and perplexing one at why Vice President Kamala Harris seeks to evade speaking to reporters, or what appears to be a full-fledged strategy of media avoidance.

According to the report, the reason in question is her status as a “first”, including the first black woman or the first female Vice President, and the symbolism that she herself attaches to that.

In his report, Dovere points out that Harris and her team deliberately dismiss reporters, treating attempts to ask the Vice President questions as acts of aggression!

Additionally, Harris herself is said to keep track of journalists or political figures whom she perceives as failing to comprehend the importance of her life experience!

I’m first, you’re second!

The report says she often recalls a case in which a journalist from The Washington Post mistakenly thought that historic Black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha’s cheer was “screeches.”

Harris is also reported to dislike the words cautious, careful, guarded, and hesitant, leading her aides to seek synonyms when needed, but at the same time, in the public appearances that she has, she sticks to talking points, while often turning down interview requests and chances to speak for herself.

According to Dovere, the Vice President frequently seems highly uninteresting, with reporters accompanying her on trips returning with little journalistic material that can be of use.

This behavior on the Vice President’s part is described by Kim Foxx, the first black woman to serve as state’s attorney in Cook Country, Illinois, who has been mentored by Harris.

Foxx has attributed this behavior to learned reticence, since people around the individuals who are ‘first’, such as Kamala Harris, usually have presumed resilience.

A commentary in The Red State has expressed outrage over the so explained rationale for Vice President Kamala Harris’ frequent media silence, complicating her already awkward performances whenever she does take journalists’ questions.

The reason revealed to be the cause of Harris’ media reticence is described as absurd and self-defeating, especially considering how the left takes pride in its declarations of “firsts” such as the “first black president.”

The left usually touts those individuals as a proof of significant social progress by minorities.

Under that logic, the commentary says, a “first” such as Kamala Harris would be expected to seize the chance to assert themselves rather than hide from publicity.

Democrats never answer questions, and the media keeps quiet

The article reminds, for example, that Donald Trump, who was routinely accused of all kinds of sins by the mainstream media, was always open to taking questions from the press.

In contrast, not just Harris but also Democrat President Joe Biden have espoused strategies of media avoidance.

Had Trump adopted anything of the sort, well, it would have caused an outrage.

Mainstream media, however, barely notice the Administration’s ‘silenzio stampa’ since Biden and Harris are Democrats.

The Red State commentator argues that Kamala Harris’ election as the first black and first female Vice President of the United States has brought nothing beyond mindless cheerleading.

Part of Harris’ rationale to avoid the press, namely, that there are many who don’t understand or appreciate her achievements should logically lead her to wish to better explain and promote those, rather than hide from questions.

Instead, however, her evasion of the media means either that she enjoys a media environment that is compliant with her, or that she is trying to avoid being exposed as unsuited for the tasks that Biden is entrusting her with.

Either of those indicates that “firsts” might not be the trailblazers as which they are oftentimes portrayed, the Red State commentary concludes.