Let’s face it: most schools are overflowing with arbitrary bureaucratic garbage, and kids tend to hate them for that reason.

Recently, a Reddit thread was assembled to highlight some of the dumbest and most senseless rules from schools across the country. Here are some of them.

19 Stupid School Rules

  1. Imagine if the middle staircase in a set of three in a school becomes crowded as students pass through it. Imagine an administration so stupid that they ban the use of that middle staircase. The predictable consequence is that the other two staircases will become crowded. Exactly that happened at one school.

  2. For most kids, lunch is meant to be a reprieve from the boredom of school, allowing you to socialize a bit with your friends. But as one redditor named passatcar described, some officious bureaucrats have wanted to take even that away

  1. One school decided to suspend students who threw snowballs. Some students got so fed up with this nonsense that they purposely threw snowballs around just to get a reprieve from school.

  2. Imagine if you were told that you weren’t allowed to stand up to someone who was bullying you at school. It sounds insane, but the management at one school actually promulgated a rule like this.

  3. One school subjected its female students to the humiliating ordeal of toilet paper rationing. The dean stood outside of the bathroom and distributed toilet paper rations to students. This lunacy only ended after parents complained.

  4. One school banned its students from having any facial hair. The principal would even walk around with razors and shaving cream and force students into bathrooms to shave if he detected any facial hair.

  1. One school banned students from making references to the film A Clockwork Orange because it was violent. That seriously happened.

  2. Another school banned beaded jewelry because such things are allegedly gang-related. We’re not making that up.

  3. One school in Rio de Janeiro actually banned students from touching school library books without permission. So much for education.

  4. Another school banned students from playing with snow in any form or fashion. The crazy part? This school was in Minnesota.

  5. Students everywhere regularly carry backpacks. But imagine if a school had actually banned students from using them. We’re not kidding. This happened once.

  6. One school banned the presence of a “gang mentality.” And how was this term defined? Apparently, if students stood around in groups of more than four, this was a sign of it.

  1. It’s annoying enough if students have to use a sign-out sheet to go to the bathroom. Imagine if a school required its staff to do so. Amazingly, one actually did.

  2. Another school absurdly prohibited students from playing cards at lunch because this “promoted gambling.”

  3. Another high school forced its students to carry ID with them at all times. They had to wear them around their necks.

  4. A school once promulgated the rule that you could only go to the bathroom during class.

  5. One school once banned candy canes because they feared that students might file them and use them as shivs.

  6. One redditor told the story of how, as a kid, he got into trouble for stepping out of a line to go get a drink of water at a fountain.

  1. To keep students from arriving late to class, one principal decided to punish students who arrived late by making them go to the cafeteria and listen to a 15-lecture on not being late. This made them even later.