The hospitality industry is filled with all sorts of unsung heroes. Their jobs may not be glamorous, but they are necessary. More importantly, they are the kind of jobs that enable the rest of us to have a good time without having to worry about things like having a place to stay, keeping your room or your bedsheets clean, and so on.

Though they usually tend to lurk in the background, hotel workers help make our vacations enjoyable.

Sometimes, that job involves doing some weird, off-putting, and frankly gross work. Sometimes, it involves dealing with bizarre, rude, and just plain disgusting people.

To get these workers to share their stories and help the rest of us imagine what it’s like to live a day in their shoes, one Redditor started a thread in which he asked hotel workers to share some annoying and irritating things which hotel guests do.

Knowing this, maybe some of us can show these people some consideration in the future and be a bit better behaved.

Here are some of the responses mentioned.

Some Bad Habits of Hotel Guests

  1. One hotel worker complained that women staying at the hotel where he worked would sometimes decide to flash him in lieu of leaving him a tip.

  1. Lots of people book hotel rooms for a weekend away and decide to use them to have sex. That’s understandable, but it puts hotel workers in an awkward position. It also creates a mess. People should try to clean up after themselves. At least don’t leave used condoms lying around.

  2. Belligerent customers who scream and complain at staff are a constant problem. Some people think that because they are paying for a room, the world must revolve around them.

  3. Many people refuse to even answer the door when a housekeeper knocks. They just yell through the door. This is extremely rude.

  4. Many parents, when traveling with their kids, will point to hotel workers cleaning something and use that as a way of warning their kids. “If you don’t behave, this is what you’ll end up doing. This is rude and incredibly dehumanizing.

  1. Flush the toilet after you use it. Amazingly, some hotel guests don’t and leave disgusting surprises waiting for housekeepers.

  2. If you accidentally break something in the room, report it to the front desk. Honesty is more likely to keep the hotel from charging you for the damage. Lying about it or trying to hide it will have the opposite effect.

  3. If you order room service, it shouldn’t be too much to ask that you be decent when you answer the door. One former hospitality worker complained of the great numbers of people who answer the door naked or barely wearing anything.