Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Kristen Clarke, just freshly confirmed by the Senate, is a nauseatingly mediocre person. She is so aggressively mediocre, in fact, that she would almost certainly not have been confirmed for her position even as recently as in the Clinton Administration.

But things are different now. In our brave new world, such things as competence, integrity and formal qualifications for office — once imagined to be important — have been revealed to be the remnants of a troglodytic and “racist” worldview.

This is extremely ironic because Clarke herself — by the definition of “racism” that everyone understood and used before the social justice left decided to hijack and rewrite our language — is a thoroughly racist person.

Anyone who learns about her ghastly, crazed, radical and race-obsessed worldview will understand that with her around, the DOJ is going to experience some fundamental transformation.

A Racist at the DOJ

Clarke just barely squeaked by her confirmation hearing earlier this week as the Senate voted 51-48 to confirm her into the Biden Administration.

It’s not clear what her qualifications for the office are supposed to be. Indeed, by examining her history, any reasonable person should come to the conclusion that not only should people like her not be anywhere near the DOJ, but they should not be allowed to have any kind of power whatsoever in our society.

Back in 2007, litigation was being prepared for a Supreme Court case that would eventually become known as United States v. Georgetown School Board. This case concerned school board elections in Georgetown, Washington D.C. Black people comprised 34% of the voting-age population in Georgetown at the time, and yet not one of the people who had won seats in the school board elections was black. By their proportion in the population, blacks could have won three seats out of the nine that were at large.

The DOJ adopted a settlement plan which would carve out some majority-black districts and virtually guarantee that at least one black person would be elected to the school board and where potentially three could be elected.

But Clarke was not happy with this. Representing the NAACP in the case, she urged locals to reject the deal in favor of one that allowed blacks to win up to four seats. In short, she was willing to completely torpedo this deal because it wasn’t good enough for her.

Those who’ve worked with Clarke have characterized her as a brutish and unscrupulous racial activist. There is every reason to think that she will begin weaponizing the DOJ and using it to launched vindictive and punitive lawsuits against people and organizations that don’t comply with her personal beliefs about how everything should be racially constituted.

Remember also that the Civil Rights division of the DOJ has its fingers in virtually every area of American life: schools, how businesses can be run, bathrooms, churches, movie theaters, computer software — everything.

But none of that seems to matter to those who have shunted this megalomaniac into power. She is black and a woman. Apparently, checking those identity boxes is all that matters.

At this rate, the name “Department of Justice” will very soon acquire the same connotation that the name “Ministry of Truth” had in George Orwell’s 1984.