TikTok Continues to Redefine Internet Acronyms

Just when you think you have cracked the code with all of the internet acronyms, you learn that you do not know as much as you think that you do. TikTok is using the acronym “BBL” in a completely different way than what most social media sites use those little three letters.

Defining BBL

In most situations, BBL is used to signify “be back later.” However, in the TikTok universe, the acronym means “Brazilian butt lift.” Who would have ever guessed that?

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most trending plastic surgery procedures. This procedure involves a plastic surgeon removing fat from other parts of the body and implanting it in and around the butt to create the look that you have always wanted.

BBL on TikTok

As the plastic surgery procedure gains in popularity, so does the TikTok trend of posting the hashtag along with the accompanying videos. While some of the TikTok clips are serious in nature, others are done to poke fun at the procedure.

By searching the hashtag BBL, you can find people who discuss their experience with the procedure. There are also various TikTok videos that joke about the surgery.

Important to Note

It is important to note that plastic surgery is not something that should be taken lightly. Before you make the decision to go under the knife, you should consult with a doctor so that you are confident that you are making the best decisions for your personal health.

Even the most minor surgical procedures come with risks, making it important that you fully understand what you are getting into.