Cathy Pedreyes is a former scientist and lifestyle expert. Her real claim to fame these days, however, is as a popular TikToker. Known on the platform as “Mom Friend,” she currently boasts an impressive 1.7 million followers there.

One of her running themes throughout her latest videos has been safety tips — an especially important subject now that the world is, at long last, beginning to recover from the shock of COVID-19.

Pedrayes’ very latest videos have been focused on providing safety tips to those who have been traveling alone. Much of her advice is eminently practical and is delivered in a fun and quirky way.

Here are a few of her tips.

5 TikTok Traveling Tips

  1. Whenever you say anywhere during the course of a trip, make sure to get the place’s business cards. These will usually have a phone number and an address printed on them, so you’ll be able to find the place again if your phone’s battery happens to die. This is especially useful if you find yourself in a foreign country or any other place that’s generally unfamiliar to you.

  2. It may be depressing to contemplate this, but thieves and opportunists are everywhere. Many of them are chomping at the bit to prey on unsuspecting tourists. To keep such people from stealing your valuable out from under your nose, always keep a close eye on your luggage. And as Pedrayes demonstrates, you may even want to strap your bags to your body so they become harder to steal.

  1. Most honest hotels take security seriously, but you can’t expect every place to be guarded like Fort Knox. If you ever find yourself in a hotel where you don’t trust the locks, it might be smart to place a mug or a water bottle in front of the door on the inside. That way, when it opens, you’ll always hear anyone coming in.

  2. Traveling alone can be dangerous. For various reasons, it may be your preferred mode of travel, but the world doesn’t need to know that. If you’re worried about people realizing that you’re traveling on your own, just wait for a group of people to pass by and then slip into that group as you go on the move. That will give observers the impression that you’re part of that group.

  1. Last, but certainly not least, never — never! — keep all of your cash in one place. Distribute it everywhere. Keep some in your wallet or purse, some in one of your shoes, some inside of a chapstick or a pack of gum. Don’t be afraid to get creative here.