When Biden came into office, he positioned himself as the candidate of reconciliation and “healing.” He declared to anyone who would listen that, with his presidency, the wounds, fissures, and conflicts that were threatening to tear America apart would heal.

To any competent observer, such a claim was utterly delusional, even back during the time it was made.

But now, it’s becoming clear that Biden’s grandiose promises to heal and unify the country under respectable leadership were completely divorced from reality.

A Mountain of Scandals

There are still tens of millions of people in the country who don’t believe that Biden truly won the presidential election.

There is an election audit in Arizona currently going on, but after Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland has threatened to shut it down, suspicions have only been inflamed further. Another audit in Georgia’s Fulton County is planned for the near future.

Also, according to a story recently broke by Revolver News, it appears that, among those who have been arrested and are currently still being held in prison without charge for being present in the Capitol Building on January 6, there are a large number of so-called “unindicted co-conspirators.” The most reasonable supposition is that these people are FBI agents who infiltrated the protest and deliberately fomented violent chaos that day.

As all of this is going on, the Biden Administration faces a gargantuan immigration crisis that is entirely of its own making. As it refuses to do anything about this crisis, Texas has had to take matters into its own hands by building its own border wall.

The Biden Administration also can’t make progress on any of its pet projects, be they infrastructure spending or gun control.

Moreover, Biden was utterly humiliated at the G7 summit. His brain appeared to freeze on multiple occasions when reporters asked him questions, and Biden’s team had to cancel his joint press conference with Vladimir Putin to keep him from being humiliated further.

By all accounts, Biden appears paralyzed. He is a lame duck.