Often, when we do something new, a sense of nervousness inevitably accompanies our feeling of the unknown. But it also seems as though there are some things which, no matter how many times we do them, never fail to evoke deep anxiety.

Certain situations are just inherently dangerous, place large amounts of pressure upon us or are just inherently socially significant and expose us to the fear of messing up. Knowing this, a Reddit user going by the handle WinstonChurchillin decided to head on over to AskReddit and ask the Reddit hive mind this question: “What makes you nervous no matter how many times you do it?”

The answers he got were pretty interesting, and we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to them.

Some Universal Anxiety Triggers

  1. Have you ever driven behind a semi-truck on the highway while that truck was carrying an especially heavy load like a bunch of logs? How about driving in a lane smushed right between two semis like that? Admit it, we’ve all imagined the possibility of the load falling off the truck and hitting us in that moment or of the two massive trucks crushing us like we’re nothing. It can be pretty nerve-racking.

  2. A few innocent-sounding words from one’s boss are enough to send a chill running down nearly everyone’s spine: “Can we have a quick chat?” It sounds innocent, but the fear always lurks that it really isn’t. You begin to wonder, “Did I do something wrong?”

  1. Police officers are nominally there to serve and protect us all, and yet everyone knows the feeling of terror and nervousness that seizes you when you find yourself driving near a police vehicle. You know to be on your absolute best behavior and follow absolutely all of the rules of the road, let the cop find some excuse to pull you over.

  2. This is a classic one, but have you ever found yourself in a large social setting full of people you don’t know — such as, say, a large office party at work that happened back when you were still new and didn’t know anyone? Trying to mingle and make conversation with strangers can be quite awkward and nerve-racking since you’re never quite sure of what to say.

  1. And of course, there’s the perennial classic, the job interview. No matter how many jobs you’ve worked and how long you’ve worked them, no matter how much of an old hand you may be in some given line of work or how impressive your resume may be, anxiety somehow always finds a way to creep in on you when you step into that job interview. After all, the next few minutes are crucial, and first impressions are everything.