Fear and anxiety are a part of life. Overcoming these emotions is an extremely important part of maturing and progressing as a person. But doing so always involves some single dramatic confrontation with fear. Sometimes, the things that make us anxious find their way in front of us every day, and we have to find ways to conquer anxiety day in and day out.

That’s why a Redditor who calls himself WinstonChurchillin decided to solicit the wisdom of the AskReddit community recently and ask people to list some things that they’ve done very often, if not every single day, but which nevertheless make them nervous each and every time they do them.

A look through some of the answers can not only provide some insight into people’s daily struggles but provide us all with much to relate to.

Here were some of those answers.

Things That Always Make You Nervous

  1. Have you ever walked out of a store without buying anything? There could be a perfectly innocent explanation for that. After all, maybe you just didn’t find anything there that you liked or needed. But the store owner doesn’t necessarily know that. Maybe he suspects you of having stolen something. Maybe he’s wrongly called the police on you. It could be difficult to suppress such feelings under certain circumstances.

  2. It’s always hard to be the new guy or girl at any organization. Certain places — especially workplaces — have a particular way of breaking the ice.

During a meeting, the manager might force everyone to introduce themselves to the group by saying something like, “Okay, everyone, let’s go around and have everyone introduce themselves. Tell everyone your favorite food and why you like it.” Whatever the intentions, a set-up like this is guaranteed to make people nervous.

  1. Whenever you walk over a storm drain while holding your keys in your hand, have you ever been able to avoid imagining dropping them in? It’s nerve-wracking, isn’t it?

  2. According to many, public speaking is their single biggest fear. Even though it’s true that audiences almost always want those who will be speaking in front of them to succeed, this fact rarely does much to allow people’s nervousness. The prospect of public speaking can paralyze even many otherwise confident people.

  1. Parallel parking is a tough maneuver. Even experienced drivers can have problems with it. Even beyond the risk of hitting others, you might park your own car in such a way as to make it difficult for the other drivers to get out of their parking spots. That’s why this particular choice was so popular with the crowd on AskReddit.