Retail associates have seen customers try many tricks to get what they want while paying a lower cost. Some of these associates have spoken out about the scams that have made them shake their heads the most.

The Family Discount

One worker reports that she was working at her mother-in-law’s home décor store when an older lady came in. After ringing up the order, the customer told her that she got a family discount because she was the owner’s mother. Of course, the worker knew better. Therefore, she hustled around the counter and gave the lady a bear hug before loudly announcing, “Hello, grandma.”

Returning Merchandise Never Purchased

One of the most common scams in retail is to try to return merchandise that was stolen to get cash for a different purpose. For example, one employee reported that a couple entered a hardware store to return a massive roll of copper wire. The store had been having trouble with these rolls being stolen. The employee called her manager, realizing that the couple had stolen the roll they were trying to return. After getting into an argument with the manager, the couple left the roll behind when leaving the store while yelling that they would return with the cops.

Black Cherry Wine

An employee reports that she watched a man walking back-and-forth in front of their doors swinging a plastic bag around wildly. Finally, a wine jug broke through the bottom of the bag and broke. The customer angrily insisted that they replace it because of the store’s poor bag quality. The employee assured the customer that they could not do that because they had no half-gallon wine jugs filled with black cherry Kool-Aid.