Life sometimes has a way of becoming difficult, even overwhelming. In particularly dark and tense moments, it’s not unusual to feel completely powerless, like everything is slipping away from you and your life is unraveling.

But you don’t need to succumb to such feelings. Though it may sometimes be difficult, you can take back control over your life if you just show enough persistence and willpower and have a good support network to help you along. Another good way to start this process is to start simply and humbly.

And one small but important way to do that is to win control over your own body. TikToker Andy Jiang, running the channel “learntoday,” has made a helpful series of videos about exactly this called “Tricks That Give You Power Over Your Own Body.”

Since Andy has gathered more than 12 million followers, it’s clear that his advice is resonating with people.

And so, let us share a few of his tricks with you.

Tricks to Take Back Control of Your Body

  1. Ever find yourself stuck in class or in a work meeting and bored out of your mind? You know you shouldn’t fall asleep, but the temptation to do so is so strong, and you can feel yourself drifting away. To counteract this, try holding your breath for as long as you can. Doing this raises your heart rate and blood flow, which should definitely wake you up.

  2. Mosquito bites are horrible. Often, the itching is horrendous, and the temptation to scratch them is overpowering. To help, try putting some deodorant on your bites. That can make them stop itching.

  1. Did you know that if you grab your left thumb in your hand, your gag reflex will automatically subside? That’s a pretty cool trick!

  2. When your arm or one of your other limbs falls asleep, you’ll usually get an annoying and uncomfortable “pins and needles” feeling as the blood flow starts to return to that limb. To make that feeling go away, just sake your head vigorously for a few seconds.

  3. If you really want to remember something or are afraid that you might forget it, a good idea might be to think hard about that thing right before you fall asleep. This significantly increases the chances that that thing will be stored in your long-term memory. You might even dream about it.