A first-grade teacher asked her students about the best thing ever to happen to them. Then, she took to Twitter to share her favorite answers.

Their Best Things to Ever Happen to Them Responses

  • Bubblegum ice cream
  • Explosive jumps into a swimming pool without getting into trouble
  • Two McDonald’s toys in the same meal
  • Getting to see grandma
  • Big box of doughnuts
  • A day off school because of a cold
  • Swimming with sharks who were really dolphins
  • Halloween
  • My baby sister

Seeing the World Through a Child’s Eyes

Perhaps it is time that everyone steps back and sees the world through a child’s eyes. After all, based on these responses, children treasure people close to them and the simple things in life. The way to a child’s heart is through getting them their favorite food, and that does not seem to change as they get older.

Follower’s Response

Twitter followers showered 54.3 likes on the post. The reply from one follower sums up what many seem to feel. She posted those kids are “uncensored, unblemished, free, vital, honest.” Perhaps the world would be a better place if everyone acted that way.

Others Share Responses

The tweet encouraged some to ask their 5- to 7-year-olds what they would have said:

  • My cuddles with mommy
  • Xbox controller and Storage Hunters USA
  • Nothing
  • Subway

It is interesting to compare the answers children gave to parents to those given by students to teachers. Many wondered what answers their child would give if it were the teacher asking instead of themselves. It seems some parents were skeptical that the child might be giving them the answer that they want to hear as opposed to the truth spoken to a teacher.