Wokeism has poked its ugly head in another previously unlikely place – it is now hijacking the works of J.R.R. Tolkien to serve its ill-minded Marxist agenda, and seems to be “discovering” things like “antiracism”, transgenderism, and queerness in works such as “The Lord of the Rings” where they don’t exist.

This woke “interpretation” of the emblematic British author’s works is going to berserk on a virtual Summer Seminar this weekend, a brief academic conference hosted by the Tolkien Society.

Most of the 2021 edition of the seminar is ridden with papers on antiracism and LGBT themes, driven by Marxism and its uglier more modern offshoot, critical race theory.

Marxist deconstructionists want to force everybody to believe that a text has no meaning except other than what is invented by a reader – freeing their ideological bias to make up whatever they wish.

Crucial interpretation or another wokeism fraud?

In its call, the Tolkien Society itself invited potential speakers to come up with papers for the seminar focused on the “theme of diversity.”

The Tolkien Society said a discussion of the theme of diversity is “crucial” considering “recent interpretations” of his creations plus the cast of Amazon’s upcoming TV series based on “The Lord of the Rings”.

It also emphasized that “interest” in “diversity” themes has experienced steady growth in Tolkien research.

The Tolkien society also argued that “representation” has become more important than ever before, and it is therefore of utmost importance to examine further “Tolkien’s efforts to represent (or ignore)” certain characteristics.

Thus, the seminar on Saturday will be opened with a paper called “Gondor in Transition: A Brief Introduction to Transgender Realities in The Lord of the Rings” by Cordeliah Logsdon!

Besides “transgender realities,” the seminar features a total of three papers containing the word “queer” in the title: “Something Mighty Queer”: Destabilizing Cishetero Amatonormativity in the Works of Tolkien,” “Queer Atheists, Agnostics, and Animists, Oh, My!”, “Pardoning Saruman?: The Queer in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.”

A disgusting attempt to use someone else’s work for your agenda

Tolkien, who was an orthodox Roman Catholic, would likely have been very shocked to be told that his epic contained “transgender realities” and apparently huge amounts of “queerness”.

The poor author may have found it hard to imagine that cultural Marxists are hijacking his words’ meaning from him, and replacing it with their own desired postulates – so they are free to “discover” all sorts of gender identity nonsense in there.

Antiracism also looms large on the insane interpretations of Tolkien in this year’s Tolkien Society seminar.

Topics of some of the other lectures include: “The Invisible Other: Tolkien’s Dwarf-Women and the ‘Feminine Lack,’” “The Lossoth: Indigeneity, Identity, and Antiracism,” and “Projecting Indian Myths, Culture, and History onto Tolkien’s Worlds.”

Those seem to be fully in line with the Marxist “critical race theory” which teaches that everything about America is about racism – even though racial discrimination has been banned by the federal for quite a while now.

J.R.R. Tolkien died in 1973, and his son Christopher Tolkien passed away in 2020 – so maybe the Tolkien Society is now seizing the chance to surrender their works to wokeism hoping that nobody would be able – or dare – to speak out against these disgusting “interpretations” of non-existing “antiracism” and “gender” topics in them.

Tolkien certainly did not promote transgenderism or “queerness” in his work, and fans around the world owe to his memory to speak out against this outrage.