Welcoming a new baby into the world is one of the most important, emotional, and heartwarming moments that anyone can experience in life. It’s always significant for any family when someone new joins it.

But it’s also true that family — rivalries, jealousies, recriminations — can often start between loved ones for what may appear to be the most trivial of reasons.

Combined together, these two facts set the stage for a rather extraordinary recent post on Reddit’s famous “Am I the Asshole?” Subreddit.

Some Wild Family Drama

Back in November of 2019, one man’s wife gave birth to a baby boy. Unfortunately, the pregnancy was a rather difficult one, and the man’s wife ended up needing an emergency c-section.

The couple had anticipated this possibility, but the wife dreaded it. If it happened, she would have to spend a while recovering in a hospital bed from emergency surgery and thus would be the last person in the family to hold her baby boy.

The man decided that he would be a gentleman to his wife. After his son’s birth, he stood guard and did not allow anyone from either his family or his wife’s to hold the baby. The wife ultimately needed four days of hospital time to fully recover, and when she woke up, she became the first person to hold her son.

Then, much later, in January, the man’s wife decided to post some pictures of her son on social media. She recalled how difficult her pregnancy had been and expressed a desire to raise awareness about dangerous pregnancies.

To the couple’s surprise, this triggered a family incident. Now that COVID-19 had spread throughout the world and many places were locked down, both families were not able to see much of the baby or have much physical contact with him. The man’s mother and sister, in particular, accused him of selfishly depriving them of an opportunity to hold the baby back when the lack of COVID restrictions would have still allowed them to do so.

Obviously, this man had only been looking out for his wife and trying to do something thoughtful for her, but he felt conflicted about upsetting his family. And so, he asked the Reddit community whether if he had done anything wrong.

The broader circumstances that prevented the family from meeting the baby until much later were in no way the man’s fault. Besides, at the time of the birth, he had only tried to make an affectionate gesture toward his wife. It’s hard to find any real fault with his behavior, and most of the Reddit community concurred.