Meeting a celebrity in the flesh can be pretty cool. The chance to find out what a famous athlete or movie star may be like can be quite exciting. Many who have had such experiences — especially if their lives are normally rather humdrum — tend to remember them.

But occasionally, you might meet a famous person who’s a bit quirky or odd, and he might get it into his head to do something bizarre or unusual while you’re around. In some cases, that quirkiness might flow naturally from the celebrity’s personality. In others, the pressures of fame might push them to do something crazy in the search for a release.

Hoping to socket a few memorable stories, Chuck Wending took to Twitter and asked people to recount their weirdest celebrity encounters.

The thread soon grew to enormous size and attracted thousands of likes.

Here are some of the weirdest stories to be found there.

Some Bizarre Celebrity Encounters

  1. They don’t call Courtney Love the queen of noise for nothing. Love is grunge royalty and is famous (or infamous) for having been quite unstable and heavily into drugs. Even today, long past her youth, she continues to stir controversy. But one woman named Sandra Newman recounted a crazy story that perfectly highlighted Love’s wild nature.

Love used to live in the same neighborhood as Newman’s father. One day, she decided to break into his house while he was away on vacation and had the audacity to call him from his own home phone.

“I love what you did with the kitchen,” she said cheekily. “Get the fuck out of my house, Courtney,” the angry man replied.

  1. Bill Murray has become infamous for earning a place at the center of many strange and interesting celebrity encounter stories. Most describe him as a kind, personable but enigmatic man. One man found Bill Murray standing directly behind him on an escalator at an airport in Charlotte, NC. The two spoke for 10 minutes and then bumped into each other again in downtown Charlotte. Murray actually remembered the man’s name and called out to him.

  2. Another man recounted a story of how he and his girlfriend once went on a date to a fancy restaurant in Baltimore.

There, the couple saw the enigmatic arthouse filmmaker John Waters talking to what they assumed was a mysterious woman with beautiful long hair whose back was turned. But later, they realized that this “woman” was Johnny Depp.

  1. It’s cool to run into a celebrity that you’re a fan of, but can you imagine how amazing it must be to run into a celebrity and have them tell you that they’re a fan of yours? That’s exactly what happened to voice actor John Urbaniak. Once, a woman stopped him on the street in New York to tell him that she was a big fan of his work. That woman was Drew Barrymore.