Searching for a career is an incredibly important thing. Whether you’re a young person who’s fresh out of school and looking to find your calling or an older person who has decided that the time has come to make a major change in life, looking for a new job will always represent a big turning point.

But in addition to — or perhaps because of — its enormous importance, looking for a job can also be extremely nerve-wracking. Uncertainty, time, the need for a steady stream of income — all of these things constrain you on or search and induce stress.

So, how can you make the most of your job search and either start or transform your life?

Thanks to J.T. O’Donnell, a career coach and the founder of the firm Work It Daily, none of us need to be rudderless on this quest. She has put together a list of tips to help those searching for a new career, and they decided to post her advice to TikTok in a bite-sized format.

The popularity of her advice almost immediately garnered her more than a million followers.

Here are a few of her most prominent tips.

Important Career and Interview Tips

  1. Never leave a job interview without asking the interviewer about what the next steps are in the hiring process and how you can keep in touch. This signals interest and a willingness to stay engaged.

  1. Recruiters won’t be reading your resume in detail, so don’t bombard them with information. Arrange things in an easily scannable way, and put the most important information front-and-center. Bullet points are much better than long paragraphs.

  2. Study the company that you’re applying to. Show the interviewer that you know something about the company, and find a way to naturally work that into your interview discussion. This will show your interviewer that you have some initiative.

  3. Rejection is an unfortunate part of job-hunting, so if you don’t land a job, don’t take it to heart. In fact, you should message the company that has turned you down, thank them for their time and ask what you can do to stay proactive and remain on their radar.

This shows not only character but initiative too.

  1. Try asking your own questions in an interview. If you’re talking to the founder, ask how they started the company. Ask about the kind of work the company does. Take an interest in the person you’re talking to and strive to build a rapport.