The Faculty (i.e. department) of Engineering of the UK’s Imperial College London is telling its professors and students to take a new course on “microaggressions”, which represents wokeism gone berserk, and, among other things, tackles what it calls “the myth of meritocracy”.

The course in question is aptly entitled “Microaggressions — What You Should Know,” and claims to teach the faculty and students about being on the watch-out for paying the wrong compliment.

It postulates ludicrously that even “micro” offenses, that is, words that may potentially be considered as offensive by somebody, are nonetheless aggressive, and must be avoided at all cost.

A bunch of crazy real-life examples

Overall, the brief online course of Imperial College London’s engineering school goes all out on “preventing” certain gestures with respect to those people considered “unprivileged” – apparently, as opposed to heterosexual white people.

The course intro states that it explains the meaning of microaggressions and offers guidance on how to not to commit them and how to challenge them.

The entire content of the course is an epitome of wokeist and genderist propaganda, in marked contrast to the common-sense, real-life public approaches prevalent until recently, which logically stipulated that words cannot hurt an individual who doesn’t allow to be hurt by them.

The Imperial College London even offers a brief video on what it says is the effect of insolent syllables – described as “subtle, invisible, and insidious.”

It argues that if a person is dealing with microaggressions every single day, their cumulative impact on that person’s psychology would be significant, and the same would be true about an organization.

The course description even declares such a situation to be a “death by a thousand cuts”.

The short animated video shows people who have stress bolts coming out of their heads when they are getting aggressed.

In one example, the faculty and students are told not to propose to introduce a gay person to another gay person since that would be considered offensive as it assumes that all gay people like one another.

In another, the faculty and the student body are told not to praise a blind person for doing well on a presentation despite being blind since this would insult the person by assuming that he or she may not be as good as able-bodied colleagues.

Other situations forbidden by the self-proclaimed ubiquitous wokeism censors are when a desk worker asks a black woman for her ID despite knowing that she works there, or a white woman asking a black woman to touch her hair.

Telling a person who is black, Asian, or “minority ethnic” that they are articulate or speak good English is also deemed to be horrifying since that is supposed to imply that those people aren’t so intelligent as white people.

“Colorblindness” is also ruled out.

Those are comments in which a white person indicates that he or she does not acknowledge race.

If you are white and/or heterosexual, you’ve probably hurt someone’s feelings…

One of the supposedly “egregious examples” of those is the simple statement that “all lives matter” since according to the guardians of wokeism that denies the importance of a non-white person’s racial experience.

The list of forbidden behavior goes on and on.

It also contains assumptions of gender roles, inferiority, using “heterosexist” wording, using transphobic language, disapproving in any way of the “LGBTQ+ experience, or “lack of thought” with respect to “LGBTQ+” issues.

Assuming heterosexuality or assuming pronouns are apparently among the greatest sins for a white heterosexual, according to Imperial College London.

To top it all off, the wokeists who came up with the course in question declare the “myth of meritocracy” to a microaggression.

Comments such as believing that excellence and the highest qualifications are needed, or that there are equal opportunities for men and women are considered particularly shocking.

That is taken to mean that assuming a level playing field if a woman or a racial or sexual minority person cannot make it, that would be suggesting that the problem lies with them.

That last extremely bizarre declaration from Imperial College London’s microaggression training goes to suggest that the Western World, once the forefront of humanity, should abandon merit altogether, and award everything based on being non-white or non-heterosexual, preferably both.