In 1978, the Rolling Stones released a song called “Shattered.” The song was about everything that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards hated about New York City. At that time, the city was in the midst of a horrendous crime wave that it would not emerge out of until the police were finally significantly empowered to make arrests again in the 1990s.

The song brought up all of 1970s NYC’s greatest hits: bed bugs, drug dealers, crazy homeless people decked out in plastic bags, screaming and presuming to direct traffic.

While crime rates are still much lower than they were in the 70s, some worry that this decay has been recently finding its way back to NYC.

It would be bad enough if outgoing mayor Bill de Blasio merely didn’t care about any of this, but some say he has been using his time in office to encourage it. The issue was symbolized in a recent video showing a man using the bathroom in the cleaning bucket of a subway worker on the L Train.

The Fragility of Civilization

As longtime New York residents can tell you, the city has never been known as a pristine place. In fact, New Yorkers often pride themselves on the city’s tough and rugged qualities. But enough is enough.

Now that the mess surrounding the city’s Democratic primary election has been sorted out and Eric Adams has been officially declared the winner — and we should add that Adams is a crazed Democrat who believes many insane and harmful things but at least does not harbor any illusions about the real-world effects of defunding the police — let’s hope that the city will be on the way to once again putting its house back in order.