While it is easy to assume that all celebrities live highly lavish lifestyles flush with cash, not all of them do. Some celebrities just do not earn that much or are not smart with their money. Here are some celebrities who do not have enough money to live a lavish lifestyle.



Tyga is a famous rapper whose biggest claim to fame was dating Kylie Jenner. He regularly makes expensive music videos and frequently wears very fancy clothes. However, those lavish purchases made by Tyga have backfired financially on him. He currently owns huge amounts of debt from the jewelry he tried to buy and got sued for $200,000 by his landlord for not keeping up with his rent.

Mike Tyson


This famous boxing champion has been reported to have earned an eye-watering $400 million over the course of his lengthy boxing career. However, after he retired, he likely squandered all of that money and was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2003. At the time, he was $23 million in the red, owing money for the extremely lavish purchases he was making for years.

Mike Sorrentino


The “Jersey Shore” superstar, also known as The Situation, was one of the most famous people on television in his time. More recently, however, he was convicted of fraudulently skipping out on taxes on $9 million worth of income. He went to jail for eight months and then had to do 500 hours of community service and pay a fine of $10,000. Chances are that he needed to cheat on his taxes because his purchases were catching up to his income, and he could not afford them.