Famous Hollywood actor Matt Damon has recently starred in Tom McCarthy’s movie “Stillwater.”

The film portrays a life of an oil worker, played by Damon, who goes to visit his daughter in France.

The movie deals with man’s dilemmas about how to approach the situation in which his daughter is accused of murder in a case similar to Amanda Knox’s.

During the Cannes Film Festival conference, Damon revealed that part of his preparation for the role was to live with people of a background similar to his character’s.

The famous actor described his experience with these people as “eye-opening,” adding that their lives and customs are much different from the ones he grew accustomed to.

Damon recounted instances at which his hosts sang church songs and organized barbecue events.

The actor said that the people from his temporary community, typically wearing sunglasses and goatees, are unapologetic about their identity and, as such, appeared “wonderful” to the movie crew.

How to interpret Damon’s observations?

A well-known Hollywood magazine described how Damon paid attention to each detail when preparing for a role, including the sort of jeans typically wore by people from his character’s background.

However, many commentators raised their criticism about the attitude Damon showed toward the kind of people he played, many of whom are avid supporters of former President Donald Trump.

These commentators pointed out that Damon behaved as if he had just realized that there are lots of Americans who do not live and think like him, 74 million of whom voted for Trump in the last general election.

Damon’s description of his character as “Trump’s voter” only heated the discussion, particularly given that Damon is known for his leftist stances toward various issues.

Some conservative media outlets accused Damon of dismissive behavior toward Trump voters.

They also pointed out how Hollywood keeps exhibiting its lack of relatability toward ordinary Americans and rather takes part in uncompromising profit-driven enterprises.

To them, Damon’s remarks are only one instance of such a sneering attitude.