TikTok has exploded into tremendous popularity in recent years. Depending on who you ask, this popularity has either bred fame or infamy. The young are pretty much obsessed with TikTok, as it’s one of Gen Z’s most beloved social media apps. Others, however, have excoriated the platform for starting many viral trends that they regard as vapid and stupid. Many have also expressed concerns about data privacy and how TikTok handles user data.

Regardless, the video-sharing app has definitely taken the world by storm in one form or another.

And among those who love it, the urge the explore the app and unearth its secrets and hidden easter eggs has been powerful. Many of these easter eggs lie within a mainstay of the internet: emojis.

Some Secret Emojis

Emojis are an indelible part of internet culture. Of course, TikTok’s comments section is loaded with emojis of all kinds, with users laughing, smirking, fuming or otherwise expressing their reactions to the videos they watch.

One of the special things about TikTok, however, is that it offers you its own special emojis, emojis that aren’t just pre-loaded onto your iPhone or Android. These special, secret TikTok emojis can be anything from variously colored versions of other emojis to slow and cartoon versions of other emojis or even emojis with totally different expressions on them that allow you to communicate more shades of emotional subtlety.

In all, TikTok has 46 of these special emojis.

To use them, you need to enter a special code of some kind. Usually, this involves typing a particular codeword between square brackets (which are not the same as parentheses) in the comments section of a video. Type in the right code word, and the secret emoji associated with it will appear.

Usually, each code word refers to the emotion that the emoji associated with it expresses. Examples include things like [angry], [surprised], [wronged], [shout], [funnyface], [scream], [greedy], [sulk], [disdain], [rage] and [pride].

You’ll also be happy to know that all of these secret emojis translate well across platforms. There won’t be any incompatibility issues between iPhones and Androids.

If you’re on TikTok regularly, we encourage you to look up the full list of these secret emojis and jump right into using them.