Marxism is a theory with large appeal because it is simple and easily construed but in reality it presents “diabolical” “anti-humanism” behavior, which has claimed 100 million human lives and must be defeated, Fox News host Mark Levin said on the publication of his new book entitled “American Marxism.”

Mark Levin was interviewed on his own show, “Life, Liberty & Levin” by another Fox News host, Pete Hegseth, about the former’s new book and its warning to Americans about what could be caused to their country under Democrat President Joe Biden and the Democrat majority in Congress.

Levin, who is a former president of the Landmark Legal Foundation and a former official of the DOJ in the Reagan administration, declared that Marxism has survived for so long as a far-left ideology because of its appeal to those people who prefer to blame their problems on others.

With so many books written about Marxism and Karl Marx in the most than 100 years, the conservative author singled out two main groups of people to whom Marxism appeals most of all.

Two groups of people

The first group, according to Levin, are the people who don’t like to take responsibility for their lives.

They love Marxism because it allows them to blame society for their woes.

That way they present and consider themselves victims and oppressed.

Levin explained how such people are disconnected with society and don’t understand notions such as personal responsibility or accountability.

What is more, such persons have no desire to contribute to society in any way.

That is why they find appealing an ideology which is reliant on seizing producers’ resources and giving them to others. That is how this group of people decide that those who are successful ought to be dragged down, and those who are happy ought to become sad, Levin elaborated.

As Marxism and its followers seek to crack down on those who are productive, he said the collective result is “sheer destruction.”

Levin also declared that the Democrats’ efforts to tear down public statuary and wipe out historical figures from school textbooks is a behavior that is typically Marxist.

He stressed that Karl Marx thought that history starts “today”, and that the rejection of the history of the past would be crucial for an equitable society.

In his words, the notion that the world begins today is the epitome of anti-humanism.

Levin then singled out the second major group of adherents of Marxism in America: the fanatics and those seeking to gain power, for which they are willing to crush individual liberty.

He described those as “diabolical people”, and said that many of those are in fact tenured professors in American campuses, besides the “pundits” in the mainstream media.

He even mentioned some are elected officials from Vermont, a reference to Senator Bernie Sanders.

One of the worst delusions about Marxism, according to Levin, is that its adherents in America, particularly on college campuses, insist that actual Marxism or socialism have never tried – regardless of the abject fiascoes of countries such as the former Soviet Union, the 100 million deaths and the billions enslaved due to communism, Levin stressed.