Nikole Hannah-Jones, the mastermind behind the deplorable “1619 Project” considers Cuba – a country hijacked and run by a murderous communist dictatorship for 62 years now – an integration “model” and the most equal country in the Western hemisphere.

No surprises there as Hannah-Jones is one of the greatest contributors to the ugly rise of wokeism in the United States.

Self-styled “social justice warriors” and cultural Marxists, just like Hannah-Jones, seem to love communism and dictatorship, or any other “ism” aiming to destroy the Free World that’s given them the right of freedom speech – which they abuse by spreading anti-American and anti-Western propaganda.

Hannah Jones, a Pulitzer prize-winning writer and since recently a professor at Howard University, has developed the so-called 1619 Project which erroneously tries to portray the entire history of the United States of America through slavery and the contributions of black people, and to proclaim and cement white people into a role of evil.

Never mind the Christianity and the Judeo-Christian tradition, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, “Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism”, Anglo-Saxon political thought and culture, or that the African-American population of the United States was never more than 19.3% of the total.

With freedom-loving Cubans rising up against the communist dictatorship in a wave of unprecedented street protests since last Sunday, past comments by Hannah-Jones in which she seemingly praises the Cuban regime, started to resurface.

An incredible amount of nonsense

Back in 2019, in a podcast with Ezra Klein, a journalist with Vox and The NYT, she declared that, without being an expert on race relations abroad, she considered Cuba to be the most “equal multiracial” country in the Western Hemisphere because of “socialism.”

She touted how Cuba supposedly has “the least inequality” between whites and blacks.

In her words, it stands out because other Caribbean countries have “very, very small” white populations, and are “run by black folks.”

However, in her words, among “truly biracial countries”, Cuba has “the least inequality”.

According to Hannah-Jones, that’s “largely due to socialism”.

She brazenly adds that probably “no one wants to hear” that.

Back in 2008, the mastermind of the notorious 1619 Project argued that Fidel Castro’s communist revolution in Cuba in 1959 brought the “end of codified racism” – a favorite phrase for the promoters of the ill-minded “critical race theory”.

She also insisted that Cuba had “many overlooked accomplishments” such as a “very high literacy rate”, a low rate of HIV infections, and a “model” system of universal healthcare.

Nazi Germany had amazing healthcare as well…

Those same things can, of course, be said of North Korea (depending a bit on how one construes a “model” universal system of healthcare), or the former Soviet Union, or Nazi Germany, for that matter.

As Western audiences have, luckily, had no direct experience with communist/socialist/Marxist rule, western “cultural Marxists” find it relatively easy to push their empty and factually wrong talking points of income equality, high literacy, free education, and free healthcare in such horrible regimes.

Of course, they shyly ignore the facts that in such cases income inequality means that everybody is equally poor, except for the murderous regime apparatchiks, and the dictator’s extended family; that free education and high literacy come with overwhelming brainwashing in which innocent children are forced to parrot low-quality propaganda science fiction about the triumph of Marxism and adore the respective dictator’s personality cult, with no free will, free speech, or even free thought; that free healthcare comes with poor quality and/or lots of bribes, favors, and connections; and that’s not even mentioning the total absence of the rule of law and the fact that everybody’s life is 24/7 at the mercy of the brutal, criminal thugs who have seized power while seeking to delude “the masses” with their fake visions of a “Marxist” paradise.

Let’s just mention the fact that, with some 100 million people killed, Marxism-communism is the greatest mass murderer and perpetrator of genocide in human history.