How Mistruths Get Spread

There are a number of so-called “facts” that people believe that simply are not true. Research shows that people have a tendency to believe what they hear repeated the most. All it takes is a group of people repeating a mistruth as a fact for it to take off.

Here are just a few of the most common myths that people pass off as truths.

Sharks Do Not Get Cancer

Because people try to sell shark cartilage as a treatment for cancer, some believe that these kings of the sea do not get the dreaded disease. The truth is that it is possible for sharks to get cancer.

And even if the animal was not prone to this disease, eating shark products would not cure a human’s cancer.

Humans Swallow 8 Spiders Per Year

Despite what you might have heard, humans do not swallow eight spiders each year as they sleep. Spiders are actually scared of humans and would not purposely get close to you as you snooze. Even if a spider was brave enough to come close to your face, you would likely feel it crawling on you and wake up.

Albert Einstein Flunked a Math Class

While you may have heard that Albert Einstein flunked math as a child, that is just not true.

Instead, he had mastered various levels of calculus before he turned 15. The myth most likely got its start because Einstein failed the entrance exam to Zurich Polytechnic on his initial try. However, this was because he struggled in the language section of the exam. He also took the exam well before he was set to graduate from high school.