Looking to Save the World and Money? Avoid These Products

A discussion on the Reddit message boards produced a robust conversation regarding consumer products that people should boycott purchasing for various ethical and practical reasons. Here are a few of the top submissions when people were asked what not to buy.

Certain Animal Breeds

Some animals are so inbred that it is difficult to afford to pay for their vet bills and regular maintenance. An example of this would be a French Bulldog. This type of dog will inevitably become a money pit for you.

Shark Fin Soup

One of the more interesting submissions was shark fin soup.

As the name implies, the soup is made from shark fins. However, fishermen simply take the fins and then throw the sharks back out to the ocean leaving them to suffer and die.


If you have children, you know how hard it is to avoid glitter. From crafts to clothing to toys, glitter and sparkly sequins are everywhere. In addition to being a pain to get out of the carpet, this microplastic eventually infiltrates the planet’s oceans and other waterways, harming the environment in the process.


This one is self-explanatory. Not only has it been proven that smoking cigarettes is a deadly habit, but it also harms those around you. Now is the time to finally kick the habit.

Multi-level Marketing Products

Any sort of product that you purchase through a multi-level marketing vendor also made the list. This type of business model preys on the poor and uneducated. Many people have lost their life savings after being fed promises about how this type of business venture will make them rich.