TikTok Lingo Can Often be Confusing

It can be increasingly challenging to follow the ever-changing acronym lingo on TikTok. Trends come and go, making it difficult to keep track of what all of these letters stand for. This becomes even more difficult when one acronym can signify two completely different meanings. Such is the case of KLM.

Keep Calm

KLM has a few different meanings on TikTok, making it important that you use the context surrounding the video to decipher the acronym. The most common use of KLM is to indicate calmness. Some people use KLM to directly stand in for the word “calm” while others use it to signal that they are doing fine.

Using KLM in this way is not unique to TikTok. The letters have been used to indicate a state of calm throughout many social media platforms, starting with Snapchat years ago.

Business Meaning of KLM

In addition, KLM has also been used to refer to the airline of the same name. As the flag carrier of the Netherlands, KLM is one of the world’s largest airlines. The airline has been trending on many platforms in recent days due to a feud that it is having with competing airline Ryanair.

History of Dispute

The dispute between KLM and Ryanair began when the European Commission offered a relief package to some airlines to provide financial support during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. KLM received approximately 3.4 billion euros as part of the relief funding.

The small Irish airline Ryanair filed a lawsuit, alleging that the funding was provided without reason. Ryanair’s official position is that it opposes state support that is discriminatory and not completely transparent, putting KLM in the crosshairs.