First dates can be wonderful and exciting experiences, or they can feel like being trapped in a torture chamber. Which experience you have depends largely on the kind of person you happen to go out with.

Many have had the experience of meeting someone online, hitting it off with them and then finding out that in person they aren’t at all like what they presented themselves as being. Some people are boorish and rude, others are just straight up boring, and still others are looking to exploit you and use you as a meal ticket. Sometimes, things can get so bad that you realize that you have no choice but to get up and walk out.

Reddit user Eseohii went on AskReddit and asked, “Those who’ve walked out on first dates, what was your ‘I’m out of here’ moment?”

Here were some of the responses he got.

Horrible First Dates

  1. One man told a story of going out to dinner with a woman who looked bored during the entire date. She refused to put down her phone or even speak to the man she was out with. All the while, they ordered quite a bit of food: $25 appetizers, $45 steaks and $15 drinks. It was clear that this woman was using her date to get a free meal. Thankfully, an observant waitress noticed this, called the man over and offered to give the two of them separate bills. The man paid his share and bailed.

  1. Sometimes, the person you end up going on a date with just happens to be crazy. One woman told the story of going out with a military man, probably enraptured at first by the thought of a man in uniform. But when things started, the man just went on and on about how great strippers in Toronto were. Since this was an inappropriate conversation topic, the woman tried asking the man about his time in the military, to which the lunatic proudly replied that he joined the military to kill people. That was the cue to scram.

  2. Another man shows up to pick up his blind date. The stuck-up woman opened the door, took one look at him and said, “Ew.” Disgusted by her lack of manners, the man smartly replied, “Yeah, I agree,” turned around and immediately left.

  1. One woman shared an especially shocking and dumbfounding story. After apparently hitting it off and enjoying one another’s company for a while, the man that she was dating decided to say, completely unprompted, “So, you know that in order for this to work, you’re gonna have to share yourself, right? My friends and I like to pass girls around.” Needless to say, the woman hightailed it immediately.