That is correct: the headline above might not just be the most idiotic, senseless, and just nuts set of words you’ve ever seen put together – but it might as well also stand for the self-hatred, self-humiliation, and self-destruction of Western civilization.

A civilization which gave the world… well, civilization!.. has been hijacked by a bunch of power-thirsty Marxist haters of Christianity, democracy, freedom, human dignity – and masculinity – aided by a bunch of outright “transgender” crazies having fun terrorizing the normal folk.

Making pathology the norm

The invention of sexual, or, rather, “gender” minorities as full-fledged societal groups with their own “identity” is just another means to stir trouble for democracy, freedom, and capitalism by creating “class struggle” – just this time based on race and “gender”.

A classic subterfuge method from Marxism’s hellish playbook from Vladimir Lenin to the modern-day cultural Marxist made up by Marcuse and the Frankfurt School!

So when pathology, perversion, lunacy, and abomination become the norm – as now the radical left is trying to impose transgenderism – American society and Western civilization might as well be done, finished, and out the history window.

A flagrant demonstration of the gender ideology terror that the malicious haters of America are sticking in the face of decent everyday folks is the case of a male named Alok Vaid-Menon, posing as some kind of a grotesque creature of self-invented identities –which has the guts to tell you that you are flawed and he (because he is a “he” regardless of what he might pretend to be) is perfect.

They want to heal you of normalcy

Broadcasted by the America-hating, God-hating and decency-hating lefty mainstream media, and spread far and wide by the social media conspiracy of big tech eager to gut you out of your humanity, the sick Aloks are coming for you and your kids.

And they want you to “heal” from the most basic truth in the world, namely, that there are women and men, and they come together to create a new life of more men and women.

The mind boggles at how America’s colleges and universities – once the pride of the Free, Western world – and of human civilization, for that matter – have come to fall prey to transgenderism and the gender ideology – propped up by the fully made-up non-science of “gender studies.”

And, of course, there is an entire class of “professionals” – gender professionals in media and academic and the corporate world – scooping good money and living it off nicely just by virtue promoting the transgender nonsense to terrorize the rest of us.

The self-invented creation, Alok Vaid-Menon, who is a biological male pretending to be whatever, has appeared on a podcast deliberately called “Man Enough” in order to ridicule masculinity, and has told us that we are all “hurt” by the “gender binary.”

We have to heal. And the perverted, cuckoo likes of him are going to heal us

He might be right, though – only seeing how insane the rise of this “gender ideology” and transgenderism is we will be “healed” of allowing it to hijack our societal agenda and shove in it the drawer full of sickos where it belongs.

It would be plain stupid to relay in detail the “massages” from the man named Vaid-Menon but the basics are worth mentioning to demonstrate their lunacy.

So Vaid-Menon claims that the idea that there are two genders – or sexes, which is the real thing – is idiotic, and instead there is a “spectrum” of genders.

And the two-genders idea, which the guardians of the utterly nonsense gender ideology call the “gender binary”, is hurting us all.

He claims that the “majority” still oppresses “trans” people because the majority is still not ready to “heal” itself from the reality that there are men and women in this world.

Never mind what you think and know and want.

The impudent Marxists – whether their Marxism is race-based or “gender-based” – they know it for you.

They claim a monopoly of truth and reality-defining.

To them, you are just a piece of sh*t old-age moron, and you deserve no voice, no right, no power, no nothing.

They want to “heal” you of your identity, your decency, your normalcy, and your humanity.

When, of course, many of them need healing, or, rather, actual medical treatment.

So if a cuckoo man called Alok Vaid-Menon dressed up as a clown who just until recently wouldn’t have dared show his face in the street but now comes out and claims to tell every man, woman, and child in America what they are, who they are, and how he will “heal” you – and that thing spreads like a wildfire or like the plague – you know that America and Western civilization are either nearing their end – or an actual “healing” point of rising up and obliterating this vile nonsense from societal agenda and sticking it where it belongs – in certain health institutions and on the fringes of normal society.