By now, all Americans have heard of “white fragility”, a twisted philosophy of malicious anti-white racism made up by a woman named Robin DiAngelo, claiming in a nutshell that all whites are privileged, therefore evil, therefore racist, therefore it’s uncomfortable for them to talk about it – hence fragility.

The Marxist way

It’s an entire philosophy of idiotic, senseless thoughts, oblivious of the fact that today’s America is, in reality, one of the least racist countries in the world by any honest, objective measure.

Of course, don’t expect any sort of enlightened thought from America’s wokeist “moral crusaders” – they are typically vile Marxists blinded by international ignorance, drunk on self-perceived self-importance, who wish to prove their own fake self-righteousness by setting the world on fire.

Until recently, America was also the least racist it had ever been in its own history – until, unfortunately, the uncultured “cultural” Marxists started to roll back all progress made over the course of decades and centuries by shouting day and night that everything is and must always be about race.

Oh, and transgenderism.

It turns out, however, that today’s American Marxists are just as perfidious, avaricious, and insatiable as any other Marxists in human history.

Ask the “trained Marxist” Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter, who swims in luxury in her mansions bought with wokeism generated money, while “the masses” are eaten each other alive in her racially-based class struggle.

‘Moronic’ ‘white’ ‘fragility’

White Fragility princess Robin DiAngelo is another anti-white racism fruit that doesn’t fall far from the Marxist tree: coming up with such a moronic concept as “white fragility” pays handsomely.

And moronic it is because DiAngelo sure as hell didn’t travel the world asking the respective conditionally dominant group in every society whether it has some “fragility” when discussing the situation of the respective minority or immigrant racial groups there – she didn’t go to the Han Chinese in the PRC, or the ethnic Russians in Russia, or the ethnic Japanese in Japan, or to the Arabs in Saudi Arabia, or the black majority in post-apartheid South Africa or Zimbabwe, or to the ethnic Turks in Turkey, or the Muslims in Pakistan or the Hindus in India – to find out whether they felt comfortable with those questions and to tout their fragility.

No, sir.

She could never have done that because her nonsense could only thrive in an ever more tolerant America, too tolerant for its own good, which kept allowing “progressives” to trample everything that’s good and pure, for the sake of freedom and democracy – until now the very progressive Marxists are taking everything over and already destroying that same freedom and democracy that allowed their own wretched, morally decrepit existence in the first place.

The greedy Marxist’s lovin it!

But back to the lavish rewards for rifting the American society and teaching people to hate one another based on their skin color.

Greed is good now, isn’t it?

Last year a report by The Washington Free Beacon detailed how much money DiAngelo rakes up as a “social justice consultant”, whatever the hell that is – another made-up non-thing, just as “women and gender studies”, the transgenderist, gender ideology pseudo-science, or, rather, non-science.

Apart from her insane “White Fragility” book, which was certain to become a NYT bestseller – because why wouldn’t it in a society ripped to pieces by evil leftist propaganda – DiAngelo’s social justice clients include Amazon, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Unilever, the YMCA, among many others.

To blurt out her racist nonsense, she charges up to $15,000 per session and a $5-a-minute fee for phone calls.

For example, the University of Kentucky paid her $12,000 for one such appearance in March 2019.

Tickets for her virtual events reach $175 apiece.

DiAngelo rakes up at least $1.5 million per year from the 8-10 private events at which she speaks each month.

Her infamous, racist book sold 1.6 million copies, with one million sold in 2021 alone, making her at least $2 million if a very conservative royalty of 8% is applied.

How about a great idea for a business?

Make up some utterly racist BS – just make sure it’s anti-white, anti-American, anti-capitalist, and anti-democratic – and the Marxist propagandists dominating the mainstream media will make you rich while using your BS to sow greater and greater rifts and divisions – because they prey on that and that’s how they are coming more and more on top.

One can then easily understand that in a recent video interview uploaded to YouTube DiAngelo says she didn’t know she is “white” until she became 34 years old.

Well, at 64, she sure realized its worth by being able to stand up and bash “whiteness” for lots and lots of money.

Sure, honesty, morals, and integrity are “nice” (like DiAngelo’s new insane book “Nice Racism”) – but it’s easy to understand folks such as Cullors and DiAngelo.

Never mind promoting racism and hate – they strike it rather fabulously rich, with a wealth they wouldn’t ever have hoped of achieving.

Plus, they get to tell the others what to do, and claim “moral superiority.”

Can you imagine that?

Now that’s a deal the greedy, evil Marxist loves.