9/11 was dreadful, horrifying.

But it was also honest – a bunch of Muslim extremists wanted to destroy America – and still do.

And they don’t hide it.

Sure, they are hateful but they are also honest in their hate – so that has got to deserve some credit for the honesty.

They wish to slaughter us all but at least that state it directly.

Not so with America’s internal haters and enemies.

Those are much more cunning, vile, perfidious.

They wish to decay the nation from within, gut it out, and then stuff it with their own fakery, and on top of that put it on display as some kind of a stuffed animal in a museum, a living corpse, a bare shadow of its former self-respecting great-Christian-power self.

Some radical Islamists, as radical Marxists, are more perfidious than the 9/11 terrorists!

These are the radical leftist-Marxist-communist bunch – but among their ranks are also lurking radical Islamists who hate in their guts everything that is Christian and/or secular.

For the Islamist extremists, that is mostly an alliance of convenience.

Do they wish to slaughter us all for who we are?


But that’s a hard thing to achieve right now – so they might as well join those who wish to destroy us for their own reasons (such as establishing a radical leftist totalitarian anti-utopia).

Radical fascists are all the same.

Radical leftist fascists aren’t very different from radical Islamist fascists.

They might call their end-result ideology in different words but their means are very much the same – so alliances of convenience are great for them right now.

It is precisely this perfidious allying of radical leftism and radical Islam – both of them wishing nothing but a humiliating death to a free, democratic, patriotic, and Christian America – that seems to be on display in a recent case in which the Department of Education of the state of Virginia hosted a radical Islamist speaker pretending to be a radical leftist-Marxist, who instructed American teachers not to reveal the truth that 9/11 was perpetrated by Muslim extremism and Muslim fundamentalists and extremists.

How is it that it came to the heads of the leaders of Virginia’s Education Department that teachers have to be instructed to lie to innocent American children about who inflicted 9/11 upon America – one may never know!

But apparently, they got the right person for the job: Amaarah DeCuir, an “Education Leadership scholar”, apparently a lecturer of education at the American University in Washington.

On her profile page on the website of American University, lecturer Amaarah DeCuir is seen in a photo with a Muslim headwear showing only her face – as though she teachers somewhere in the Gaza Strip, or Saudi Arabia, or an Afghanistan newly bestowed upon the Taliban by Sleepy Joe Biden, for that matter.

That is the kind of person that we have teaching American children these days: a seeming Islamism promoter posing as an American educator.

May the Lord almighty be with us!

Center the 9/11 remembrance on the socio-emotional needs of Muslims now, will you!

Amaarah DeCuir delivered for the Virginia Department of Education a PowerPoint presentation instructing teachers to avoid language which can attribute the “events on 9/11” to “Muslim extremism” – which, of course, precisely what they have to be attributed to because it is Muslim extremists, fundamentalists, and terrorists who perpetrated these “events.”

Namely, these events are the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC, in which the Muslim extremists, specially trained and prepared, hijacked passenger jets and crashed them into key buildings, killing 3,000 people and hurting countless others.

There – this shouldn’t be ascribed to “Muslim extremism,” according to esteemed seemingly radical fundamentalist “educator” Amaarah DeCuir.

It is really hard to discuss DeCuir’s presentation because it is incredibly outrageous for any American worthy of the name – and for any decent human being, for that matter.

It explains nicely that “school and classroom commemorations” of 9/11 shouldn’t really happen because they lead to “increased anti-Muslim racism” (Whatever the hell that is – as racism usually stems from “races”, not religion).

Instead, according to DeCuir, educators should be “centering the socio-emotional needs” of “Muslims in their commemoration plans.”


Imagine that – there is the 20th anniversary since the most monstrous terrorist attack in the world ever – and American educators should “center” those on “the socio-emotional needs of Muslims”!!!

There is a lot more where this came from – but it’s of utmost importance to point out that DeCuir tweeted about her presentation, calling on “antiracist” teachers to “disrupt” the existing education on 9/11 – that is, to disrupt the truth and lie that Islamist fundamentalist DeCuir’s brethren are those who committed it.

Progressive or Muslim extremists?

The logic of Muslim fundamentalists here is simple: hey, there are those radical leftist Marxists terrorizing Americans and destroying the greatest power in the world – a free, democratic, Western, and Christian power – from within!

We want in!

We want to destroy it, too, why should the delusional and/or evil Marxists get all the fun in bringing America down?

Enter the radical Islamist likes of Amaarah DeCuir.

But it goes deeper than that.

DeCuir has previously expressed gratitude to the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, a Muslim interest group that is based in Michigan and has been endorsed by one of the most repugnant members of the US Congress, Democrat and seemingly pro-Islamist “progressivist” Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

Another of the repugnant “progressives”, Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, has previously called the 9/11 terrorist attack “some people [that] did something.”

Luckily, there are still some brave and honest – and Christian – Americans out there to respond to this fifth-column infiltration of America by radicals – Marxists and Islamists alike.

Steve Newman, a Virginia State Senator, condemned the presentation by DeCuir, and urged Virginian educators to “teach the facts.”

Newman said he lived through 9/11, and the event was entirely “due to Muslim extremists and their actions” wishing to “kill as many Americans as possible at one time.”

America’s enemies are many, they are extremely evil, they seek to destroy us unconditionally, and they are growing stronger by the day.

They are perfidious and are infiltrating us by the hour.