The radicalizing liberal left and its Marxist propaganda machines would never let a good international humiliation of America perpetrated by them go to waste – they would always, always, always come up with ways to use that domestically as well, in order to crack down as much as possible on American patriots, who love freedom, democracy, and Christianity.

They first humiliated America and will now use that to crack down on whoever they wish

That is already proving to be the case with the international catastrophe that Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden and his ugly lefty bunch caused for the United States in Afghanistan as CNN has just claimed that the Taliban victory has inspired “white supremacist” insurrectionists at home in America, and it is citing some mid-level Biden administration officials and “experts” from the omnipotent liberal leftist NGO sector to “back up” such claims.

Of course, there hasn’t really been a Taliban victory in Afghanistan, that is – there has been – but only because a spineless and senile Biden bestowed the country to them single-handedly after causing the embattled Afghan government to collapse with his unconditional pullout – not to mention the evacuation disaster that all of that brought about.

So get this straight: the Biden administration goes ahead and causes a tremendous, terrible foreign and security disaster for America – so absurd that it seems almost as if they did on purpose as it’s hard to believe they are just that incompetent.

Then the Biden administration and its leftist media propaganda machines such as CNN direct their attention back home and use the foreign policy catastrophe that they engineered in order to invent a domestic enemy as the ultimate scarecrow for the normal, law-abiding American public – that of “white supremacism” – just in order to be able to single out and destroy more and more American patriots rightfully opposed to the monstrous of unbridled wokeism and transgenderism.

The perfidious Marxists would always try to kill as many patriots as possible with as few stones as possible.

The entire setup seems like a reminder of what monster Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin did in Ukraine in the 1930s: he seized all of the Ukrainians’ wheat and exported it to make cash for his brutal regime while also killing through starvation several million Ukrainians in the process, thus severely weakening their awareness as a nation and resistance potential – and to top it all off, those who rose to protest against the artificially created famine were rounded up and shot or sent to concentration camps – thus destroying even more of the potential public leaders of the Ukrainian nation.

So many “victories”, bloody domestic victories for Joe Stalin with just a single move.

According to the CNN report published on Wednesday, “white supremacists” and “anti-government extremists” – whatever the hell this might mean – have “expressed admiration” for the accomplishment of the Taliban in conquering Afghanistan.

Don’t worry that it wasn’t the Taliban but fully Biden’s accomplishment

Of course, CNN shyly keeps quiet about the fact that the “accomplishment” in question is entirely thanks to the current likely demented occupant of the White House – but never mind, for Marxists, it’s only important to invent your own truth, to invent and lie and make up whatever reality you wish to invent.

Make it seems as though this is a giant trend, with an “extremism” tsunami in the making in America, CNN goes further so as to allege that this “development” is “worrying… for US officials.”

The report then cites an official from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, John Cohen, who told law enforcement officials during a conference call on Friday that the said “extremist” groups are “framing” the Taliban’s activities “as a success” – once again, oblivious to the fact the success was set up and realized by the Biden administration’s surrender.

The report further cites Rita Katz, said to be an “extremist tracker” from the SITE Intelligence Group NGO, as quoting an anonymous individual on Telegram as praising the Afghan farmers for reconquering their country “from globohomo.”

The quote then adds that white men in the West wouldn’t be “ruled by Jews” if they had as much courage as the Taliban.

Of course, an anonymous person’s poor understanding of world affairs can hardly be evidence of extremist, not to mention that the idea that a “white supremacist” of the sort described as presently threatening the United States could have an admiration for an Islamist, anti-Western group such as the Taliban is an overstretch at best.

CNN also cites Joanna Mendelson, an associate director of the Center on Extremism of the Anti-Defamation League, who makes it clear that her organization hasn’t “observed credible threats” of “online extremism activity” but is nonetheless concerned about online rhetoric.

Who isn’t?

Mendelson shrewdly remarks that “white supremacists” are taking notice of the fact that the Taliban “could claim victory” over “such a world power.”

They probably are, if they do exist.

The problem here is that the entire world has taken notice of that, with Biden managing to turn the United States of America into a laughing stock for the entire population of the planet, with a whole bunch of enemies of the West, democracy, and freedom just lovin’ it.

But it doesn’t matter.

CNN has told us that there are evil “white supremacists” now that America must fear.

So let’s go ahead and fear those.

After all, who might have any reason whatsoever to doubt CNN?!