The evidently senile mind of Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden – aka the Democrat President – occupying the White House since January in an extremely unfortunate turn of events – seems to be wandering about the most distant corners of the universe.

The more time he spends nominally holding the title of President of the United States of America, the more his mind seems to be wandering, the more distant those corners of the universe seem to be, and the more stupefying the vast amount of nonsense that keeps coming out of his establishment Democrat mouth.

Oh, not to forget – and the more painful to watch are becoming his senior moments of slurred speech, lost thoughts, and speech gaffes.

Sleepy Joe – and particularly sleepy he did appear – was on a CNN town hall with host Anderson Cooper, a show that scored disgracefully low ratings, even by the already low(ly) standards of both Biden and CNN.

Senator for 370 years

During his participation in the town hall format, Empty Shelves Joe offered more and more utterly embarrassing senior moment gaffes – including a declaration that he was a member of the US Senate “for 370 years.”

It came in response to Cooper’s question on whether he has achieved an intra-Democrat deal on the adoption of his “Build Back Better” spending package whose price tag appears to have been reduced from the whopping $3.5 trillion to about half of that thanks to opposition by moderate Democrat Senators Manchin and Sinema.

“I was a Senator for 370 years,” Biden said, adding that he was “relatively good at putting deals together.”

Even though the pre-selected, pre-approved, and carefully vetted fan base audience of the Biden CNN town hall burst out laughing when Sleepy Joe said what he said, there was no way to tell if he was actually making a joke – maybe with his long time in the Senate and his old age – because his tone remained unchanged as he said.

Apparently, it was nothing but another speech gaffe of Empty Shelves Joe Biden the Democrat President – he was likely meaning to say that he was a Senator for 37 years.

Vice President for 36 years

That’s also considering that earlier this week, as he was speaking in his original birth hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Biden misspoke that he was Vice President of the United States for 36 years:

“I commuted every single day for 36 years as pres- — Vice President of the US,” he said, and his gaffe is also on the official transcript of his speech on the White House website.

In reality, of course, Biden served in the US Senate for 36 years and 12 days, and as Vice President under Barack Obama for 8 years.

In the senile mind of Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe, however, all of those things are interchangeable – so are a myriad of other things.

We are just so lucky to have Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe – a Senator for 370 years and Vice President for 36 years – as America’s chief executive.

Judging from those, he will probably remain the occupant of the White House for at least a good 20 years, no less.