The tragic incident in which Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on a filming set in New Mexico last week has been reverberated in American society in various ways.

Apart from the condolences for the family of Hutchins, a Ukrainian immigrant who was successfully chasing her American dream, and who is survived by a young son and an American husband, many of the commentaries have focused on film set safety.

Still many have focused on Baldwin himself as he has been a conceited, self-righteous liberal and lifelong Democrat judging others too harshly, and oftentimes maliciously over their real or perceived mistakes.

Thus, critics have pointed out the sad irony of the incident as four years ago Baldwin on Twitter mocked a regular police officer for shooting a violent suspect by mistake, and wondered what such an erroneous killing might feel like.

Poetic justice

Candace Owens, one of the most famous conservative pundits, has issued an even more scathing commentary declaring on social media that Alec Baldwin’s accident might be perceived as “poetic justice” because of his highly unfavorable portrayal of President Donald Trump during the four years of the Trump presidency.

On Twitter and Instagram, Owens reminded that Baldwin literally spent the preceding four years presenting Donald Trump and his fans “as evil murderers” – a reference, among other things, to Baldwin’s participation in the cast of Saturday Night Live where he played a grotesque version of Trump’s character.

Owens added that the incident that has befallen Baldwin would’ve been considered “poetic justice”, had it not been for the actual tragedy of the killing.

Subsequently, the conservative pundit deleted her Alec Baldwin tweets and Instagram posts over online harassment by furious, mindless, disgustingly indoctrinated liberal leftist trolls for whom nothing can be the fault of their own kind, including Baldwin himself, and whose zombie cohorts immediately rush to terrorize anyone who speaks out against their communist-Marxist lunacies.

The leftist trolls were quick to attack Owens for seeking to gain political benefits from the tragic incident involving Baldwin, which caused Halyna Hutchins’ death.

Remember Baldwin’s Nazi insults for Trump?

In one of the tweets, she did emphasize that “literally not one single thing” that Baldwin has ever said about Trump and his fans “is going to age well.”

Owens is, of course, right as always, as it is worth reminding the vicious anti-Trump rhetoric that Baldwin has been engaging in, including by dehumanizing his supporters – as though they aren’t full-fledged American citizens with the same rights under the Constitution as anybody else.

Thus, Baldwin has moronically compared Trump to Adolf Hitler, accused him of causing the moral collapse of the US (when the collapse in question has only been caused by Marxist Democrats).

After the 2020 election, the conceited pretentious Hollywood actor said “Trump is a maniac” and called for burying him in a “Nazi graveyard” with a “swastika on his grave.”

So calling what happened “poetic justice” – had it not been for the innocent victim – doesn’t seem out of order.