Wokeists – which is really a code word for America-hating anti-white racists – won’t stop at anything in their hellish quest to completely destroy the Western civilization through constant semi-open sabotage and its meticulous, semi-scandalous undermining.

Their incessant onslaught against America, freedom, democracy, and capitalism are designed in such a way so as to cause a temporary thought paralysis among patriots and defenders of values, law, order, and constitutionality by means of their horrendous absurdity.

To achieve exponential efficiency of their anti-American, anti-human efforts, they launch such scandalous campaigns periodically – so that the victims – who are the decent and good people of the United States of America – have no time to recover psychologically from every preceding absurdity coming from the vicious radical left.

What’s truly notable nowadays, though, is that since the senile old man known as Sleepy Joe Biden got installed in the White House, the Marxist and wokeist onslaught has intensified to an absolutely unprecedented pace, attacking all aspects of America, Western civilization, common sense, basic democratic values, and fundamental human decency.

It is well-known how much Marxists hate meritocracy – simply because it denies them and their wannabe over-privileged offspring everything that they crave – so now one such wokeist foot soldier in the all-out assault against the standards and quality that American capitalism has been known for is a Marxist professor from Arizona State University by the name of Asao Inoue.

That evil ‘white language’, man… oops – sorry, “non-binary” “(non-?)person”!

(Let’s try this section title again, as they like it :)

That evil ‘white language’, non-binary (non-)person!

Inoue, a professor of composition and rhetoric – a seemingly worthy academic discipline – has used a public lecture to put forth a wokeist grading system model based on “effort” – not results and merit.

And he also used it in order to maliciously argue that America’s “traditional” – read: real! – grading system is “white supremacist” and “racist”.

That is why the esteemed, i.e. repugnant academic has called for ending “white language”, with teachers grading based on “labor”, and not “grammar”, “spelling”, or “quality,” as reported by The College Fix.

It is simply unbelievable what kind of absurdist anti-American crap such vicious Marxist morons would come up with in order to try to destroy the United States.

And it is simply no use asking – if such leftards hate “white language” or America so much – why they don’t just pack up their stuff, and leave for the remaining vast expanse of the globe, and enjoy the political niceties of the People’s Republic of China, the Former Soviet Space, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Central American Isthmus, the northern sections of the Korean Peninsula, the inspired-enlightened Islamist condominiums of the Middle East, and so on, so forth.

The answer is not because they care about some sort of principles or whatnot but because they are here in order to destroy the United States.

That is why in his moronic lecture, Professor-of-whatever Inoue argued that the American classrooms are “suffering” from “racialized white discourse” used as “standards”.

And this in turn gives “privilege” to students that “embody those habits” of “white language” – whatever the hell a “white language” is!

They never leave the hateful US, they always stay

Well, duh! Maybe Inoue should go to Africa and there the privilege will be in the hands of those who embody the habits of “African language”.

Or he can go to South America, and there it will be all about the habits of “South American language”.

And one can bet that in Asia it will be all about the “habits” of Asian language, certainly.

Or, better yet, the wokeist fool should invent a time machine, go back several centuries, preclude the founding of the United States of America, and replace it with whatever savage “civilization” that he would love to see in its place.

And why on earth do you never hear such wokeists complain on universalist grounds.

What about China – sure their education is based on the habits of the Chinese language.

Why doesn’t Inoue the wokefying professor-of-some-made-up-social-science gentlemen raise his voice about that?

Same with Russia, Iran, or even the Ivory Coast.

The reason you always hear these vicious individuals want all of the “diversity” in white or white-majority countries, and no diversity in non-white countries, is simply because of their official task and/or useful-idiot Marxist conviction to seek to destroy the latter, plain and simple.

Gone are the noble times of the Cold War when the handful of moronic American communists had some decency and “defected” to the Soviet Union – only to discover hell on earth.

These new Marxists want all the Western pleasures while pretending to be Vladimir Lenin-type revolutionaries.

That’s why you won’t see Inoue the Marxist professor pack his stuff and leave the hateful United States, and instead, you see him growing fat and likely rich on American capitalism, lifestyle, and tolerance, all the while trying to destroy this nation and the civilization that it stands for.

In this particular case, a vicious America-hater is being grown and bred by American taxpayer money through Arizona state university.

Clearly, Inoue’s particular role in seeking to achieve that is by attempting to wipe out standards in American education – and he seems to enjoy it.