No one was too surprised when Paul Rudd, 52, was voted as Peoples magazine 2021 sexiest man alive.

If we take a close look at the list of the sexiest men this magazine has announced in recent years, it is clear that the age limit for being sexy, at least in the male world, does not exist.

Thus, in the last couple of years, the flattering title was taken by Idris Elba, 46, Blake Shelton, 41, and Dwayne Johnson, 44.

Double standard for men and women?

Journalist Christi D’Souza, who writes for The Guardian, British Vogue, and many others, commented on this choice and wondered if a woman would ever take the title of the world’s sexiest woman alive if she was the same age as Rudd.

D’Souza went on to gradually agree with Rudd’s choice and said he is undoubtedly a very attractive man, however, she expressed her concern by double standards when such choices apply to women after reproductive age.

D’Souza emphasized the linking of female sex appeal with age, which, according to her, equates us with animals, and yet most women, including herself, invest a lot of money in various beauty products in order to improve the appearance and rejuvenate, all with a simple goal of making the environment think they can still give birth.

D’Souza concluded she was convinced a woman in Rudd’s age, who really did look that way (probably considering her natural appearance, appropriate for her age and without any surgical interventions), would never even come close to this title.

And indeed, the list including the sexiest women in the world, yearly published by People magazine, leaves us with an impression that generally younger women are becoming the “laurates” of the award.

But should we blame men for that?

Who is really to blame?

Or have women imposed on themselves such insane standards of beauty they cannot meet themselves?

After all, can you imagine a celebrity posing in front of a photo lens without any makeup, showing wrinkles on her forehead, around her eyes and lips, freckles and gray hair, with pride, without shame and hesitation?

Well, not really.

But what if more women felt attractive enough in their skin without the need for cosmetic surgery, photoshop, fillers, and other anti-aging treatments?

Perhaps society would begin to raise awareness that women after reproductive age can be as sexy and attractive as they were in their 20s and 30s, and most men would agree on that point.

Because, after all, and this is what everybody agrees on, what is attractive for both sexes is not age, but self-confidence, attitude, and energy.