New Mexico House Majority Leader resigns amid criminal investigation into alleged racketeering and money laundering

The House Majority Leader for the State of New Mexico, Democrat Sheryl Williams Stapleton, has resigned from her position as House leader, and from her... Read More

Moment where Pres. Biden is told “there's something on your chin” is captured by photographers during Zoom meeting with state governors

The moment where President Joe Biden was prompted to wipe something off his chin was captured by numerous photographers after one of his aides passed... Read More

“Pelosi Republicans” Cheney, Kinzinger suddenly become darlings of mainstream media, rewarded for being anti-Trump

Rep. Liz Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, the two Members of Congress who have become traitors to the Republican cause, have out of... Read More

Half of Republicans think patriotic Americans will have to “take the law” in their hands - and they might be right

Half of Americans who identify as Republicans think that a time will come for “patriotic Americans” “to take the law” into their own hands, according... Read More

Proposed Legislation Aimed at Promoting Financial Transparency in Light of Biden Scandal

Legislation Proposed by Rep. Waltz Goes After Hunter Biden In an effort to promote more financial transparency in the federal government, Rep. Michael Waltz introduced... Read More

Biden Starts Insulting the Unvaccinated

On July 27, Joe Biden apparently decided that a good way to reduce vaccine hesitancy among the public and inspire confidence in his government is... Read More

Adam Schiff Pontificates During Capitol Riots Hearings

Today was the first day of the Congressional hearings ostensibly meant to get to the bottom of what happened in relation to the Capitol Hill... Read More

F*ck them!' scandalous art talent Hunter Biden tells all suspicious of his overpriced “masterpieces'”

“F*ck them!” is a sophisticated phrase that has come out of the artistic mouth of “master painter”, energy expert of the post-Soviet space, and offspring... Read More

Lefty empress Pelosi breaks her own Capitol mask mandate showing rules don't apply to her

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Speaker of the House, increasingly behaves like an empress of the ever more aggressive American left, all the more so with... Read More

Republican staffers defy Speaker Pelosi's “mask or arrest” order.by playing beer pong in the Capitol hallway!

Republican staffers have defied the “mask or arrest” order given by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after they played a watered-down version of beer pong and... Read More

Joe Biden as Senator locked up countless minority Americans for smoking crack but his son Hunter is off the hook

With anti-crime legislation he authored as a member of the US Senate in the 1980s and 1990s, Joe Biden has put in prison with excessive... Read More

VIDEO: This is what young Americans think of America! The video will shock you!

An entire generation of American youth has literally and directly been taught to hate America by American college professors on American college campuses all across... Read More

FOX loses one of its biggest advertisers, Mike Lindell pulls MyPillow ads after Fox News rejects the 2020 fraud commercial!

Mike Lindell, the wealthy founder and CEO of MyPillow, has withdrawn his company’s advertisement from conservative TV Fox News in a major rift after the... Read More

Biden lies again! He never drove an 18-wheeler truck, although he claims he did!

Sleepy Joe Biden strikes again, this time by managing to cast doubts over his entire biography thanks to the possibly innocent but nonetheless ridiculous claim... Read More

VIDEO: Staff rescues clueless, wide-grinning AOC as she runs away from pretend fan revealing himself as Project Veritas journalist!

Spewing out radical commie rhetoric while grinning widely at supposed fans and running away from actual journalists and tough questions is no easy business. AOC... Read More

Pelosi militarizes mask mandate inside US Capitol like a Nazi!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has once again acted out in her self-perceived role as an empress of the liberal left in the United States –... Read More

Racist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused of judging legislation based on Senator's skin color!

“Popular” New York Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been on the receiving end of some intense backlash on social media, after criticizing the bipartisan group... Read More

Texas Gov. Abbott doubles down on efforts to fix Biden's border failure, bans ground transportation of illegals!

Greg Abbott, the GOP Governor of Texas, through his state-level measures, combats the influx of illegal immigrants through the US – Mexican border against the... Read More

Biden Administration tries to hide COVID-19 outbreak in migrant children's camp, two whistleblowers reveal!

The highly duplicitous and perfidious ways of the Biden administration – which is slapping lockdowns and mask mandates left and right on Americans while letting... Read More

Democrat Sen. Sinema shows sense, shoots down own party's insanely bloated $3.5 Trillion spending plan causing AOC to go berserk!

US Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat from Arizona, has come out and declared her opposition to the ginormous government spending plan of her own party... Read More

Illegal immigrants released inside the US don't even bother showing up at ICE offices, only 13% do!

A staggering 87% of those illegal immigrants who have been released to go freely inside the US without a court date haven’t even bothered to... Read More

VIDEO: America's Far-Left “empress” Pelosi calls House GOP Leader McCarthy a “moron” after he dares question mask mandate

The Democrat Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who has been acting as a de facto empress of the virulent far-left seeking... Read More

Big Tech's Twitter doubles down on conservatives by banning Arizona audit accounts!

Acting on behalf of big tech’s radical leftist liberalism, Twitter has continued its outrageous censorship crackdown against freedom of speech, truth, and democracy, this time... Read More

Newsom's chance to survive as California Governor is shy of “margin of statistical error”, a new poll shows!

California’s lockdown-loving Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has a very tough recall vote ahead as a new survey from a pro-liberal pollster has found that voters... Read More

Wealthy Democrat donor, gay rights activist Ed Buck found guilty in the sex-for-drugs case, faces life in prison

66-year-old Ed Buck, a famous California donor of the Democratic Party and gay rights activist, was found guilty on Tuesday of 9 felonies, including the... Read More

Will Chuck Grassley Seek Eighth Term?

Everyone wishes that Senator Chuck Grassley, who has already won seven terms in the United States Senate, would make up his mind if he plans... Read More

Perennial Hypocrite Gavin Newsom's Recall Pumps Up Conservatives

After repeatedly shutting down his state and wrecking its economy, liberal California Governor Gavin Newsom is finally having his constituents rise up against him. With... Read More

No, Joe Biden: Don Lemon Is Not “Informed” or Even Really a “Journalist”

When Joe Biden was at a televised town hall on CNN back on Wednesday, July 21, we saw more or less what we’ve all come... Read More

Killer Cuomo: America's Most Protected Governor

America is a country that’s very divided now. Things like COVID, the vaccine, and who’s to blame for it all have really polarized us. While... Read More

Joe Biden Has His Slate Wiped Clean

“Badakathkar,” “kitchen table,” and “Truinternabbenaldapressa.” These are among President Joe Biden’s greatest hits. We can all listen to them on repeat for hours, laughing hysterically... Read More

VIDEO: “Pelosi Republican Kinzinger” turns already farcical 1/6 committee hearing into a pathetic sobfest

The first hearing on Tuesday of the 1/6 select committee of the US House of Representatives, which was compromised even before its inception as radical... Read More

Young Democrat State Rep in Michigan spends campaign funds at a strip club!

Michigan state Rep. Jewell Jones, a young Democrat already involved in other scandals, has spent hundreds of dollars from campaign funds at a strip club,... Read More

20 Major US Mayors calling for “Defund the police” are paying for private security with taxpayer money!

The shockingly hypocritical Democrat mayors of 20 major cities across the US have cut funding for the police in support of the wokeist anti-American “defund... Read More

BLM terrorists send letters to white people asking them not to send their kids to Ivy League colleges!

Every single day is bringing newer and greater harassment and terrorizing of people of white skin color in America by anti-white racists and wokeist radical... Read More

Trump destroys Pelosi over “Capitol Riot” asking how she'd “investigate herself”

In a bout of devastatingly truthful and surgically precise criticism, President Donald Trump on Monday night literally took apart the Democrat Speaker of the House... Read More

Marxist AOC wants to “abolish our carceral system” trapping “black and brown men”!

Unabashed Marxist and member of the Democratic Party’s radical left so called “Squad”, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has told a small crowd in Ohio she wants to... Read More

Chicago's wokeist extremist Mayor won't allow white journalist questions at her press conferences!

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who is a black gay woman, is pressing further with her racist crusade against white people as she vows to further... Read More

You're white? Heterosexual? Sorry, you're not good enough for Morgan Stanley!

Morgan Stanley, the NYC-based investment banking giant, is instituting a de facto corporate apartheid against white men who are straight, and enshrining this systemic anti-white... Read More

PayPal latest corporation to embrace Wokeism by partnering with Anti-Defamation League to “fight extremism”

PayPal has become the latest big shot representative of the corporate world to sign up in service of the radical left’s agenda as it has... Read More

Death threats “escalating'” against Arizona's GOP Senate President Karen Fann as vile leftists hate her guts!

Death and other threats on part of vicious leftists against Karen Fann, the Republican President of the Arizona State Senate, have been escalating proportionately to... Read More

VIDEO: One of the most vocal advocates of the “Defund The Police” movement has spent $ 70,000 on private security in less than 3 months!

Trey Gowdy, a former Republican congressman and current host of Fox News’ Sunday Night in America show, has blasted congressional Democrats for campaigning to defund... Read More

VIDEO: Trump tells Wokeist Warrior LeBron James to get sex reassignment surgery to compete as a woman

President Donald Trump has bashed NBA star of the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, who is known for his pro-wokeism stances on issues such as... Read More

VIDEO: Australian news mocks Biden and the whole world is laughing: “This bloke has to be taken out of circulation!

Sky News Australia and its conservative host Alan Jones are showing to the radical leftist propaganda mouthpieces previously known as America’s mainstream media what press... Read More

LEAKED VIDEO: Horror film-type footage shows scary Hunter Biden smoking crack, arguing with girlfriend, brother's widow Hallie

An unnerving leaked video has emerged showing a scary-looking, crack-smoking Hunter Biden, the scandalous younger son of Democrat President Joe Biden, as he is arguing... Read More

VIDEO: Trump destroys “Critical Race Theory” forced upon every facet of America as “Fragrant Racism”

President Donald Trump has once again exposed the ill-minded “critical race theory” by calling it out for what it is: “flagrant racism, plain and simple!”... Read More

This is what Trump had to say about US sports as Cleveland Indians become Guardians and the woke US soccer team gets humiliated by Sweden!

President Donald Trump destroyed wokeism in US sports with scathing criticism in a two-hour speech, which attracted a massive crowd in Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday,... Read More

Trump has surpassed Biden in popularity!

President Donald Trump has once again surpassed his successor, Democrat Joe Biden, in popularity, according to the results from a fresh poll released by pollster... Read More

VIDEO: Biden “past the point of embarrassment”, won't finish the term, former White House Physician warns!

There seems to be something “seriously wrong” with the health of Democrat President Joe Biden, and he will hardly finish his term, GOP Rep. Ronny... Read More

Michigan's GOP-Controlled legislature has had enough, strips Democrat Gov. Whitmer of emergency powers!

The Michigan state legislature, in which both chambers are controlled by the Republican Party, has stepped up and stripped the state’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer... Read More

Don't lose hope! “America First Legal” is already powerful enough, scoring early wins against Biden Administration!

America First Legal, a new conservative group focused on legally challenging the policies of the Biden administration, which was founded by Donald Trump adviser Stephen... Read More