Trump makes mockery of Hunter Biden by saying Sleepy Joe's son inspired him to start painting

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Empty Shelves Joe admits `we're not getting $3.5 trillion' but claims `they' will `come back and get it'

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One of Biden's stooges has the cheek to state Kamala has done a `tremendous job' on illegal immigration border crisis

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Psaki: Inflation is good! Yep, she said it!

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New Book Exposes Twitter, Facebook for trying to hide Hunter Biden laptop story which would've repelled 1/6th of Joe Biden's voters

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Pay more - get less! Thanks to Biden's management the shelves are empty, and what cost $1 yesterday now costs $3!

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John Kerry owns a stake in a Chinese company that kills Chinese Muslims, Rubio urges Biden to stand by his climate tsar or bury him!

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Amid striking supply chain crisis, Biden's Transportation Secretary Buttigieg turns out to be on paternity leave to help his husband with newborns

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Texas House adopts ban of `transgender athletes' from women spots - despite mad opposition by far left

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Sleepy Joe has just become Empty Shelves Joe - he's trending on Twitter as Americans outraged by supply chain crisis

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James Craig, renowned ex-Detroit police chief running for governor, calls for 2020 Michigan election forensic audit

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Zuckerberg and his wife BOUGHT 2020 election for Biden with $420 million in donations to election `nonprofits', report reveals

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VIDEO: Biden has managed to unite the nation as `Let's go, Brandon' chants show, Tucker Carlson says in scathingly sarcastic commentary

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What's happening? Suicides among active-duty US troops spike under the Biden administration!

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Will Biden manage to save Christmas? Supply-chain before total collapse!

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'Do you miss me yet?' Trump asks American voters as Biden is failing miserably on all fronts!

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LEAKED DOCUMENTS: Biden administration releasing huge numbers of illegal immigrants inside America!

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The list of thousands of organizations and people Facebook listed as `dangerous' publicly revealed: ISIS, Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes, Hitler...

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US diplomats keep being terrorized by Havana Syndrome, this time in Colombia, ahead of Blinken visit

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Kamala attacks `European explorers' who `devastated tribal nations'. Where would she be without them?

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Joe Biden could be involved in FBI probe of `prodigal' son Hunter's finances as new emails leaked

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Governor Abbott moves to defend Texans' freedom from vaccine mandate terror while still supporting vaccination

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VIDEO: Pelosi scolds journalists for not `selling' `better' to the public Biden's $3.5 trillion spending plan

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Biden's DHS head bans worksite raids for illegal immigrants in new curb to immigration enforcement

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Pres. Donald Trump accuses Capitol Police of `abandoning officers' on Jan. 6th, compares with Pres. Biden's Afghan disaster

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As fake as it gets: Kamala does repulsive space video with schools kids, turns out they are child actors who had to audition for the `honor'!

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Biden administration praises Taliban for being “professional” and “businesslike”, rewards them with humanitarian aid!

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Trump blasts McConnell for aiding Dems' with `socialist calamity', says Milley's `stupid' `nut job' over Afghanistan withdrawal

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Pelosi and husband's net worth spiked by $201 million in three years, doubts of `insider trading', Fox News probe shows

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Unwitting Sleepy Joe claims abysmal Sept jobs report is `progress,' then flees from reporters

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Biden personally called Pennsylvania hospital so his friend's wife could cut the line and get treatment faster than others!

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Trump warns Haitian illegals `have AIDS', are `death wish' for US, as Biden administration to welcome 60,000 more

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VIDEO: Leftist propaganda machine CNN highly upset by Biden's collapsing poll numbers

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Left media gets super mad when black or brown people laud America, Nikki Haley says, ripping nasty CNN anchor who tried to lecture her on racism

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US natural gas prices soar thanks to Biden allowing Russia's Putin to finish major pipeline to Germany

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De Blasio used NYPD detail as personal free taxi, moving service for his kids, owes $320,000 over failed presidential bid, report finds

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Biden mocked for using fake White House set for speeches but the real reason is revealed - and it has to do with his senility

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Biden's public approval rating collapses to 38% new poll shows as most Americans say his administration incompetent to run US government

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Biden appoints vocal critical race theory activist as a special assistant at Education Department

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US government secretly getting Google to reveal `keyword' searchers likely breaking Americans' Fourth Amendment rights

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Biden had no idea America screwed over France in AUKUS submarine deal with Australia, John Kerry reveals

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Seattle embraces anti-white racism with segregated `anti-racism' seminars teaching that whites are evil, racist `oppressors'

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Biden just launched communism dictatorship as Garland weaponizes FBI to persecute parents outraged by critical race theory at school board meetings

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Psycho Democrat lawmaker proposes bill to forcibly sterilize American men `in retaliation' for Texas abortion ban

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Trump will run in 2024 but isn't making it official to protect fundraising, TV appearances, GOP in midterms, reports says

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VIDEO: Nasty Marxist foot soldiers ambush Sens. Sinema in toilet, Manchin at houseboat to force them to back $4.7 trillion spending spree

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Democratic Party `letting radical left run Capitol Hill', McConnell says over $4.7 trillion spending bills

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Trump say he'd beat DeSantis in 2024 presidential primary race - like he'd `beat everyone else'

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Deranged communist Bernie Sanders claims even $6 trillion not enough for Dems' $3.5 trillion spending package

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Biden admits hefty frustration but vows to `work like hell' so Dems can get to squander $4.7 trillion more taxpayer dollars

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