We Feel Betrayed': Thousands of National Guardsmen Tossed Out of Their Rest Areas In Capitol

National Guardsmen were mobilized from across the country to provide security at the U.S. Capitol for the presidential inauguration. These troops dropped everything to answer... Read More

Star Impeachment Witness Lied About Her Contacts With Christopher Steele

One of the star witnesses for the Democrats during last year’s impeachment trial was recently exposed for lying about her involvement in the case. Former... Read More

Republican Files Articles of Impeachment Against Joe Biden on His Second Day in Office

In only his second day in the Oval Office, President Joe Biden already faces intense scrutiny from the right. On Thursday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene... Read More

Gretchen Whitmer Travels To D.C. For Inauguration After Telling Michiganders To Stay Home

Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is once again under fire after she traveled to the nation’s capital on Wednesday. Ignoring her own advice to her... Read More

Democrats Face Backlash After Photos Emerge Of National Guardsmen In Poor Living Conditions

Democrats have always had a well-deserved reputation as being weak on defense. The most recent example is their treatment of the National Guardsmen who were... Read More

“QAnon Shaman” feels betrayed by Trump, according to his lawyer

Albert Watkins, the attorney for Jacob Anthony Chansley, said that his client has deep regrets about “being manipulated” by Former President Donald Trump. Watkins further... Read More

Left-Wing protests in Seattle and Portland incite police response

The U.S. cities of Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, have been particularly hit by the left-wing protests since last summer. During the protests, a lot... Read More

In his first statement as a former President, Trump promises to take action

On January 20th, Donald Trump finished his four-year term as a president of the United States, refusing to participate in the inauguration of his successor... Read More

Graham advocates for the Senate not to impeach Presidents after they leave office

Republican senator Lindsey Graham sent a letter to Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, in which he asks Schumer to reject impeaching former President Donald Trump.... Read More

Canada and the US are now “More Aligned”, According to Trudeau in call with New US President

Canada and the United States are now much more aligned when it comes to policy, according to officials close to both world leaders, who partook... Read More

Biden Press Sec fails to condemn violence caused by Antifa on Inauguration day!

President Joe Biden’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, failed to condemn the violence caused by Antifa in Seattle and Portland on the day of the President’s... Read More

Senator Ted Cruz grills transportation Sec nominee former Mayor Pete Buttigieg regarding President Biden cuts!

President Joe Biden’s nominee for Transportation Secretary, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, looked very uncomfortable after Republican Senator Ted Cruz questioned him on Biden’s executive order... Read More

Mitch McConnell proposes to delay Trump's Impeachment trial, hits out at new President Joe Biden

Senator and Republican Mitch McConnell, who until recently was the Senate Majority Leader, has proposed to Republican Senators that the impeachment trial of former President... Read More

Joe Biden, Who's Been Accused of Sexual Misconduct, Announces Zero-Tolerance Conduct Policy for Administration

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Joe Biden's Peloton, Brain, and Other Media Lies

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Big Tech Censorship Is One Thing; Glenn Greenwald Says the Coming Real 'War' Will Be Even Worse if We Don't Defeat It

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Biden Gets Blasted for His First Official Lie/Broken Promise, Georgians Slam Him For His Betrayal

Another day, another lie by a politician. While stumping for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in Georgia, Biden offered to bribe prospective voters with $2,000... Read More

Amazon Offers to Help Biden Admin with Vaccination Campaign After Sitting on the Sidelines for Weeks

It did not take long after President Joe Biden took the oath of office on Wednesday for Amazon to finally step up to the plate... Read More

`THIS IS THE ANSWER': Megyn Kelly Cheers Formation Of Legal Group Fighting Critical Race Theory

A new legal group is being formed to combat the use of the critical race theory. The formation of the group was announced by Discovery... Read More

White House Releases List of President Trump's Accomplishments - And It Is Historic!

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Texas Readies for Lawsuits Against Joe Biden's Incoming Administration

The state of Texas is getting ready to go head to head with the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.... Read More

Scott Adams Lists Joe Biden's Accomplishments Before He's Even Inaugurated-It's Not Good

Dilbert creator and prominent Trump supporter Scott Adams has decided to jump in on the multifaceted farce that was Joe Biden’s campaign, his alleged election... Read More

Report: Trump Is Considering Forming a New Political Party

Donald Trump did perhaps as much for the Republican Party as any president since Abraham Lincoln. Nonetheless, when push came to shove, the GOP leaders... Read More

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Calls Out Democrat Lockdown Hypocrites

Despite being busy guiding his team to the NFC Championship Game, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is still finding the time to speak out... Read More

Mitch McConnell Reportedly Threatened President Trump: “If You Pardon Julian Assange, We are Much More Likely to Convict You in an Impeachment Trial” (VIDEO)

Every now and then, the political establishment does something which transcends all party lines and shows what its real priorities are. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange... Read More

Lara Logan Wrecks Democrat Rep. For Suggesting White Male Troops Could Pose Threat To Biden

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James Clyburn: The Democrats unlikely saviour?

The challenge of defeating the previous incumbent of the White House, President Trump, was always going to be a tough one for the Democrats. However,... Read More

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi Cackle in Their Delusion, But It's Just the Beginning

Now that Hillary Clinton is more irrelevant than ever before, the former failed presidential candidate is trying to increase her exposure by launching a podcast.... Read More

Baltimore Anti-Gun Violence Activist Shot Dead At Housing Project

A well-known Baltimore anti-gun violence activist passed away on Sunday after he was shot when visiting a public housing project. Dante Barksdale was shot at... Read More

Trump issues multiple pardons and commutes on the final day

As one of his last acts as President, Donald Trump has used his presidential pardon powers to issue 73 pardons and 70 commuted sentences on... Read More

Some Interesting Facts Emerge From Senate Deposition of First FBI Supervisor of Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

As Senator Lindsey Graham’s chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to come to an end, he has taken the opportunity to release a... Read More

Senator Graham warns of a large stream of migrants

In a series of tweets, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina drew attention to the migrant caravans about to come to the United States... Read More

Sarah Fuller To `Participate' In Biden Inauguration, Posts `#LeadLikeAWoman' Tweet

Sarah Fuller has accepted an invitation to Biden’s inauguration. She was the Southeastern Conference’s player who became the first woman in league conference to score... Read More

Report: Kamala Harris To Resign As California's Junior Senator On Monday

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will officially resign from her post as the state of California’s junior senator on Monday. Harris is required to leave office... Read More

President Trump's Pardons Are Undoing Corrupt Actions by the Criminal Deep State While Bill Clinton Made Money Using Pardons to Set Criminals Free

You only must go back in history to the last days of Bill Clinton’s presidency to discover that he pardoned criminals who donated large sums... Read More

New Trump Administration Rule Bars Banks From Denying Services To Gun Manufacturers, Others

During the Obama Administration, the government developed its own sneaky way of attacking Second Amendment rights without even passing a law. The government simply encouraged... Read More

FOX News Reportedly Considering Hiring Brother Of Former Obama Adviser As New CEO In Last-Ditch Effort

The sinking ratings of Fox News have become a worry for executives at the cable news network. Ever since the 2020 presidential election on Nov.... Read More

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Is Taking Aim at Big Tech, Make Censorship a Top Issue

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is making his views on the censorship of conservatives known. Speaking at a luncheon in Austin, Texas, DeSantis expressed his concern... Read More

EGADS! NYU Prof Attributes Black Trump Support to 'Multiracial Whiteness'

Apparently, Black people and Latinos can somehow be white supremacists, too. This pearl of immortal wisdom comes to us from the Rube Goldberg machine that... Read More

Deranged Biden Team “Warns” Newest Caravan Of Honduran Migrants `Don't Come, You Won't Get In...FOR NOW'

A new migrant caravan originating in Honduras — now estimated to contain as many as 9,000 people — has been barreling forward into the U.S.... Read More

Bridges into D.C. Being Closed as Troop Levels in Capital City Surge Even Higher

Washington, D.C., has been transformed over the last few days into a militarized zone. There have been rumors running rampant that violence has been planned... Read More

Biden To Reverse Trump Policies During Flurry Of Executive Orders In First Days In Office

President-elect Joe Biden is not going to waste any time getting to work when he takes office on Jan. 20. The incoming president plans to... Read More

Biden to Kill Keystone XL Pipeline on First Day in Office

One of the first things that President-elect Joe Biden plans to do when he takes office on Jan. 20 is to revoke the permits for... Read More

Biden To Announce Major Immigration Legislation On First Day In OfficeBiden To Announce Major Immigration Legislation On First Day In Office

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Biden's First Day in Office: What to Expect?

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Biden Is Already Rewarding Failure

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Wyoming Republican Party Slams Liz Cheney Over Recent Vote, Remarks On Trump Impeachment

Cheney’s Decision Criticized by Her State’s Party The Wyoming Republican Party came down hard on one of their own when they criticized Rep. Liz Cheney... Read More

Trump Releases Statement 'In Light of Reports of More Demonstrations'

Trump Releases Statement Ahead of Rumors of Violence President Donald Trump released a statement on Wednesday imploring the nation to be peaceful in the days... Read More

Trump plans to depart Washington the morning of the inauguration

Donald Trump will be one of the few presidents who boycotted the inauguration ceremony of his successor. He will thus join the company of nineteenth-century... Read More

Supreme Court May Finally Reverse Kamala Harris's Attack on Free Speech

The U.S. Supreme Court has announced that they will hear the consolidated case, which initially started as Thomas More Law Center v. Becerra and Americans... Read More