While the left continues to rail against any judge that Donald Trump appoints, an Obama-appointed judge is carrying on the legacy of pushing the legal system to the brink of moral bankruptcy in an attempt to destroy the life of President Trump. In August, former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith plead guilty to one charge of making false statements. However, Judge James Boasberg, an Obama-appointee, recently delayed Clinesmith’s sentencing until after inauguration day, when presumed President-elect Joe Biden will take office.

Who Is Kevin Clinesmith?

Clinesmith was the FBI attorney at the heart of the “probe” into Donald Trump, typically referred to as Spygate. It was discovered that Clinesmith altered Carter Page’s evidence that led to the FISA warrant that was used to spy on the Trump campaign in 2016.

There is plenty of evidence that states that Carter Page was a CIA informant; however, Clinesmith said under oath that Page was never a CIA source. U.S. Attorney John Durham asked Boasberg to sentence Clinesmith to six months in prison to send a message that people in positions of authority are not above the law. Instead of heeding the attorney’s request, Boasberg opted to delay the sentencing until after Obama’s former vice president officially takes over the Oval Office.

What the Ruling Means

This decision, another slap in the face of democracy, should come as no surprise to anyone who has watched the left’s hypocritical inquiry into President Trump. The Democrats spent the entirety of the Trump presidency trying to discredit his victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. Instead of accepting the fact that they trotted an unelectable candidate onto the campaign trail, the liberal left simply tried to destroy the very foundations of our republic.

This latest ruling from a hand-picked Obama judge is simply the most recent farce perpetrated by a party that wants to dismantle the very foundation our nation was built upon. Presumably, Clinesmith will walk away with “community service” and a firm handshake from President Biden.